Reviewing Oxford Intermediate English-Chinese Dictionary (5th Edition, Pocket-Sized)

Reviewing Oxford Intermediate English-Chinese Dictionary (5th Edition, Pocket-Sized)

Have you ever‌ found yourself stuck in the ​middle of a Chinese-English translation, desperately searching⁢ for the right word? We’ve been there too, which is why we’re ⁣excited to share our thoughts on the Oxford Intermediate English-Chinese Dictionary (5th Edition, Pocket Edition). This compact yet comprehensive⁢ dictionary from 商务印书馆 is a lifesaver for anyone navigating between these two languages. Join us as we dive into ‌the features and benefits of this must-have⁣ language companion.

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Looking at the 7th‍ edition of this compact Chinese-English dictionary,⁣ we were impressed by the amount ​of information packed into such a portable size.⁢ The publisher did a great job of condensing a wealth of vocabulary and translations into this ‍user-friendly resource.

One aspect we particularly appreciated was the inclusion of both simplified and traditional ​Chinese characters, making it versatile for users of‍ both writing systems. The ISBN numbers provided made it easy for us to locate ​and purchase this handy reference tool.

Key Features and Benefits

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When it comes to language learning, having a reliable dictionary ⁤is essential. This compact edition⁤ of the Oxford Intermediate English-Chinese Dictionary is ‍a valuable tool ⁢for anyone ​looking to improve their language skills. With over 300,000 words, ⁢phrases, and definitions, this dictionary is a comprehensive‍ resource that can help us expand our vocabulary and understand the nuances of both English and ‍Chinese languages.

The 7th edition of this dictionary, published in 2017, showcases updated content that ​reflects⁢ the evolving nature of language. Its user-friendly design makes it easy to navigate and find the information we need quickly. Whether we are students, professionals, or⁣ language enthusiasts, this dictionary’s make it a must-have‍ for anyone looking to enhance their⁢ language proficiency.


  • Over⁢ 300,000 words, phrases, and definitions
  • Updated content reflecting the latest language trends
  • User-friendly design for easy navigation
  • Helps expand vocabulary‌ and⁢ improve language skills

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In-Depth Analysis‌ and Usage Tips

After delving⁤ deep into the features ‍and usability of this bilingual dictionary, we were pleasantly‌ surprised​ by its comprehensive coverage and user-friendly design. The ‍7th edition, published in January 2017 by ⁣商务印书馆, includes a plethora of English and Chinese vocabulary, making it a valuable resource for language learners of all levels.

With ISBN-10 7100129907 and ISBN-13 978-7100129909, this compact dictionary ​is perfect for on-the-go use. One‍ of our favorite tips for maximizing its utility is to utilize the clear organization ⁤and ⁤easy-to-read font. We ⁣found the definitions to be concise and‌ accurate, allowing for quick ⁣and efficient ⁣translation between English and ‌Chinese.

Features Benefits
Comprehensive‌ coverage Enhanced learning opportunities
User-friendly design Effortless navigation

If you’re in search of a‍ reliable English-Chinese bilingual dictionary, we highly recommend checking out this edition for yourself.⁢ Explore the vast vocabulary and functionality by getting your own copy ‍ here.

Final ⁣Thoughts and ‌Recommendations

After ‌thoroughly examining‌ the content ⁢and layout of this compact bilingual dictionary, we are impressed with⁣ the wealth of information it provides in such a portable size. The 7th edition boasts⁢ updated vocabulary and usage examples, making it a valuable resource for both English learners and⁢ Chinese speakers looking to expand their language skills. ⁤

With its user-friendly design⁤ and extensive coverage of commonly used words and phrases,⁤ this dictionary is a must-have for language‍ enthusiasts of all levels.⁢ Whether you are a student, traveler, or⁤ language professional, this handy reference guide is sure to enhance‍ your language learning experience. We highly recommend adding⁣ this dictionary to your collection for quick and ⁣easy access to accurate translations and definitions.

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After‍ analyzing the customer reviews for the Oxford ⁢Intermediate English-Chinese​ Dictionary (5th Edition, Pocket-Sized), we have found a range of opinions and feedback from users. Here is a summary of ‍the key points:

Positive Reviews:

Positive Aspect Customer‌ Feedback
Compact Size Many users appreciated the convenient pocket-sized design, making it easy to carry​ around.
Detailed‍ Definitions Several customers praised the detailed ⁢and accurate definitions provided for both​ English and ⁤Chinese words.
Updated Content Some‌ users mentioned that⁢ the 5th ⁢edition of the dictionary ⁢includes new words and phrases, keeping it‍ relevant.

Negative Reviews:

Negative ⁣Aspect Customer Feedback
Size of‍ Text There were a few complaints about the small ‍size of the text, ‍which made it difficult to read for some users.
Lack of Examples Some customers⁣ felt that the⁤ dictionary could benefit from including more usage examples for better understanding.
Binding Quality A few users reported issues with the binding of the dictionary, with‌ pages falling out over time.

Overall, the Oxford Intermediate English-Chinese Dictionary (5th Edition, Pocket-Sized) has‍ received positive feedback for its compact design and detailed definitions, although​ some users have highlighted areas for improvement such as text size and examples. It remains a useful‍ resource for English and Chinese language learners.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive bilingual dictionary
  • Handy pocket-sized edition ⁤for on-the-go use
  • Clear ⁣and easy-to-read definitions
  • Includes commonly used phrases and idioms


  • Small font size may be challenging for some users
  • Lacks pronunciation guide for English words
  • Does not include verb conjugation tables


Q:⁣ Is the Pocket-Sized Oxford Intermediate English-Chinese Dictionary easy​ to carry around?

A: Yes, the pocket-sized edition of‌ the Oxford Intermediate English-Chinese Dictionary is very convenient to carry⁤ around. It ⁤easily fits into a purse or a backpack, making it perfect for on-the-go use.

Q: How comprehensive is the dictionary in terms of vocabulary?

A: The dictionary is quite comprehensive in terms of vocabulary.⁤ It covers ‌a wide range of words and phrases, making it ⁣a great resource for both students and ⁣professionals.

Q: Can this dictionary ⁣be used for academic purposes?

A: Yes, this dictionary can definitely be ​used for academic purposes. It provides detailed explanations and examples⁣ for each word, making it a valuable tool for students studying English or Chinese.

Q: Does the dictionary include pronunciation guides?

A: Yes, the dictionary includes pronunciation guides for both English and Chinese words. This feature is especially helpful for learners who ⁣are working on their pronunciation skills.

Q: Is the dictionary easy to navigate?

A: Yes, the ‌dictionary is very easy to navigate. The entries are ​well-organized and the search function is user-friendly, ‍making it easy to find the information you need quickly.

Q: Are⁤ there any additional features that make this dictionary stand out?

A: One standout feature of this ⁤dictionary is the ‍inclusion of cultural​ notes and⁢ usage tips. These additional insights provide a deeper understanding⁢ of the language and‍ enhance the overall learning experience.

Unleash Your​ True Potential

As we wrap up our review of the Oxford Intermediate English-Chinese Dictionary, we can confidently ⁤say that this pocket-sized gem is a must-have for language learners and enthusiasts alike. With its comprehensive entries and convenient size, this 5th edition does not ⁢disappoint.

Whether you’re a​ student,⁤ translator, or just looking to expand your vocabulary, this dictionary will ⁢be a reliable companion on your language journey. So why wait? ⁤Get your hands on a copy today ⁤and start exploring the depths⁢ of ​the ​English and Chinese languages with ease.

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