2021 for Samsung: The Year of QLED?

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Samsung has been the global leader in QLED panels since the dawn of the technology a few years ago. Now, the company has announced the next generation of its manufacturing process.

According to the Korea Herald, Samsung Display-a subsidiary of Samsung itself —  announced last week that it will begin mass production of what it calls QD panels in 2021, and has installed the first batch of manufacturing equipment at its facility in South Chungcheong Province in South Korea.

“Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, our close collaborative ecosystem with global partners enabled us to

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California police partnerships with Amazon Ring raise alarms about racial bias, privacy

As nationwide protests force a deep examination of police tactics and funding, technology companies say they are re-evaluating their relationship with law enforcement as well. Amazon has halted police use of its facial recognition technology for one year and the website Nextdoor has stopped forwarding tips to police.

Now, privacy groups and activists are scrutinizing the relationships between Amazon and local police departments that allow law enforcement to request access to video recordings from doorbell cameras installed in private homes.

Amazon’s expanding network of law enforcement “partners” for its Neighbors app remains intact, an arrangement that critics say is designed

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4 Large-Cap Technology Stocks to Buy This Earnings Season

Lockdown impositions across the world, in a bid to curb the spread of COVID-19, have been taking a toll on the economy. The pandemic has caused disruptions in major sectors and economic zones, resulting in a full-blown global crisis due to the slowdown in productions and operations, and sluggish spending patterns.

As a result, second-quarter corporate earnings are expected to have suffered significantly. According to the latest Zacks Earnings Preview article, total earnings for the S&P 500 members will likely be down 44.1% year over year on 10.9% lower revenues in the to-be-reported quarter.

Though the coronavirus outbreak has had

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Luminex Boosts Product Portfolio With New xMAP Technology

Luminex Corporation LMNX recently delivered the first of its new xMAP INTELLIFLEX Systems to several of its Life Science Research Partners. This marks a significant milestone in the company’s strategy with respect to the expansion of its xMAP Technology with new functionality to facilitate new applications.

In sync with phased rollout of the new INTELLIFLEX solution, Luminex will ship additional units to major research institutions and other partners during third-quarter 2020. By the end 2020, the company intends to fully commercialize this next generation of xMAP Technology.

This announcement is likely to strengthen Luminex’s robust product portfolio further.


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Groundbreaking UAE-Israel Deal to Fight Coronavirus Unites Key Defense Companies

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A historic agreement announced on July 2 will see Israel’s leading aerospace and defense company Israel Aerospace Industries and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems develop breakthrough technology with Group42 in the United Arab Emirates. This is the first of its kind deal between Israeli companies and those in the Gulf state and represents more than just an agreement related to the pandemic. It is part of growing ties between Israel and the Gulf, particularly part of an exchange of messages with the UAE.

Israel and the UAE were rumored to be working more closely

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