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Chanel’s New Lipscanner Technology Is Proof That Virtual Reality Beauty Testing Is Here to Stay

AI, AR, VR, or any form of virtual reality, isn’t a new concept within the beauty industry, but it certainly is a remarkable one. Virtual reality has always stirred a web of speculation and curiosity amongst tech-savvy enthusiasts, and whether the enriching digital-based experience was put to the test by mass brands like Nike and IKEA, or luxury fashion houses such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton, augmented reality is the once-niche concept that is turning traditional ways of shopping and experiencing products into a revolutionary trend.

It isn’t surprising that the pandemic has helped accelerate the digital innovation in the

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Fusing MEMS technology with lab-on-chip: nanoliter-scale silicon microcavity arrays for digital DNA quantification and multiplex testing

Conceptualization of PCR array technology

 Figure 1 shows a sketch that illustrates the basic concept of the PCR array technology. A microcavity array chip made from a silicon substrate is implemented into a polymeric LoC cartridge in such a way that it features three kinds of interfaces: a microfluidic interface to fill the microcavities with a sample liquid via an inlet channel and to subsequently seal the microcavities with a second immiscible sealant liquid; a thermal interface for an exchange of heat with an external Peltier device enabling a rapid and homogeneous thermal cycling of the liquid aliquots inside the

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Even if Elon Musk’s Neuralink brain chip never gives us telepathy, it could do wonders for animal testing

Tech billionaire Elon Musk. <p class="copyright">Win McNamee/Getty Images</p>
Tech billionaire Elon Musk.
  • Elon Musk hosted a live demo from his company Neuralink on August 28 that showed a pig named Gertrude with a computer chip relaying live signals from her brain.

  • The chip is proof-of-concept for Neuralink’s stated aim of getting its technology into humans, to treat neurological conditions and, according to Musk, one day merge human consciousness with computers.

  • Neuroscientist Prof. Andrew Jackson told Business Insider even if the technology falls far short of Neuralink’s mission statemetn it could be hugely beneficial to the world of animal testing, which could in turn lead to

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Canada to ramp up COVID-19 testing and tracing, recommend digital app

By Steve Scherer

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Canada will ramp up COVID-19 testing and contact tracing as it gradually lifts restrictions and is working closely with Apple Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google on a mobile phone app to help, the prime minister said on Friday.

In his daily news conference, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the federal government was already helping Ontario, the most populous province, with contact tracing and was open to do the same for the other 12 provinces and territories.

Businesses and citizens “need to know that we have a coordinated approach to gradually reopen that is rooted

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