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How aerial technology helped us discover the largest Pictish settlement in Scotland

A much-loved local landmark with an ancient fort at its summit, Tap O’Noth is a gently sloping hill overlooking the lush rolling farmland around the village of Rhynie in Aberdeenshire.

Until now, the fort was widely believed to date back to the Bronze or Iron Age. But thanks to a combination of drone footage, aerial 3D laser-scanning and radiocarbon dating, our research has revealed that not only is the fort much younger than previously thought, it also potentially stands as one of the largest Pictish settlements of the late and post-Roman periods.

The Pictish Rhynie Man. Author provided


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He helped expand Disney’s empire. Can Kevin Mayer do the same for TikTok?

Kevin Mayer <span class="copyright">(Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney)</span>
Kevin Mayer (Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney)

Kevin Mayer, who led the rise of Walt Disney Co.’s streaming business and served as the architect of blockbuster deals, is leaving the company to run the fast-growing mobile video app TikTok, the company said Monday.

Mayer will become chief executive of TikTok as well as chief operating officer of its Chinese parent company ByteDance.

Mayer’s departure comes shortly after Disney’s board selected parks and products chairman Bob Chapek to succeed Bob Iger as its CEO in late February. Iger, who’d been CEO for 15 years, took on the role of executive chairman.

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