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Is SIMO A Good Stock To Buy Now?

Hedge funds and large money managers usually invest with a focus on the long-term horizon and, therefore, short-lived dips or bumps on the charts usually don’t make them change their opinion towards a company. This time it may be different. The coronavirus pandemic destroyed the high correlations among major industries and asset classes. We are now in a stock pickers market where fundamentals of a stock have more effect on the price than the overall direction of the market. As a result we observe sudden and large changes in hedge fund positions depending on the news flow. Let’s take a

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Is QUOT A Good Stock To Buy Now?

The 800+ hedge funds and famous money managers tracked by Insider Monkey have already compiled and submitted their 13F filings for the third quarter, which unveil their equity positions as of September 30. We went through these filings, fixed typos and other more significant errors and identified the changes in hedge fund portfolios. Our extensive review of these public filings is finally over, so this article is set to reveal the smart money sentiment towards Quotient Technology Inc (NYSE:QUOT).

Is QUOT a good stock to buy now? Quotient Technology Inc (NYSE:QUOT) has seen an increase in activity from the world’s

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Is Fujian Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology (BHAT) A Good Stock To Buy?

At Insider Monkey, we pore over the filings of nearly 817 top investment firms every quarter, a process we have now completed for the latest reporting period. The data we’ve gathered as a result gives us access to a wealth of collective knowledge based on these firms’ portfolio holdings as of September 30. In this article, we will use that wealth of knowledge to determine whether or not Fujian Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology (NASDAQ:BHAT) makes for a good investment right now.

Fujian Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology (NASDAQ:BHAT) investors should pay attention to an increase in enthusiasm from smart

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Women in computing – there is good news and bad

Durham University has made a determined effort to recruit more female computer science students
Durham University has made a determined effort to recruit more female computer science students

I’ve been told two stories in recent days about the gender gap in computing education.

The good news: a major university has doubled the number of women arriving to study computer science in the space of a year.

The bad: the latest GCSE figures show the number of girls getting any kind of computing qualification at school continues to decline.

Doubling up

The optimism comes from Durham University, where 45 women are starting a computer science degree this year, up from 22 last year. They make

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Is DXC Technology Company (DXC) A Good Stock To Buy?

How do you pick the next stock to invest in? One way would be to spend days of research browsing through thousands of publicly traded companies. However, an easier way is to look at the stocks that smart money investors are collectively bullish on. Hedge funds and other institutional investors usually invest large amounts of capital and have to conduct due diligence while choosing their next pick. They don’t always get it right, but, on average, their stock picks historically generated strong returns after adjusting for known risk factors. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the recent

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