SMART MASK, the World’s First Nex-Gen Technology Mask to Tackle COVID-19, Launches Campaign on Indiegogo with Backing of Pro Football Hall of Famer Champ Bailey

Pro Football Hall of Famer Champ Bailey, in partnership with Modern Radio, Inc., today announced the launch of an Indiegogo campaign to scale production of its Smart Mask, the world’s first next generation technology mask that tracks mask-wearing compliance, generates CDC reporting, and monitors air quality and body temperature. The Smart Mask Indiegogo campaign can be found at:

Created to bolster a safe return to in-person learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Smart Mask prototype won the global innovation award at the ATP Cyber Health Tech Conference in August 2020. Shortly afterwards, Modern Radio – creators of the Smart Mask- completed validation and testing of the solution and partnered with NFL Hall of Famer Champ Bailey (Denver Broncos, Washington Redskins). Since his retirement from the NFL in 2014, Bailey has devoted his efforts to start-ups through his investment company, Team Bailey Holdings.

“As a parent, there is nothing I won’t do to keep my kids safe when they are at school, participating in sports or visiting any location where I am not present,” said Champ Bailey. “As an investor, I know the value of the Smart Mask as a win-win for decision-makers – whether parents, district superintendents, principals, and PTAs – who are responsible for ensuring children wear a mask and that the air quality around them is safe. The Smart Mask is more than just an investment; it is unequivocally the most timely gift we can give this holiday season to our children, teachers and school staff.”

How the Smart Mask works:

The reusable Smart Mask operates with a Bluetooth enabled chipset integrated with the Smart Mask app to securely track and store encrypted data on air quality, body temperature and environmental conditions including pollutants, irritants and other viral threats.

The Smart Mask sensor also monitors CDC COVID-19 assessment survey and mask wearing compliance, gathers on-demand reporting and contact tracing, and alerts when face masks are required or removed. Using an IoT stick (dongle) plugged into a computer, any classroom or office can instantly become a monitoring station. Unlike other wearables, the Smart Mask uses codes or unique identifiers, not real names or personal data, which allows the Smart Mask to adhere to compliant data transfer.

“Returning to ‘normal’ as safely as possible is a daily conversation and no one can predict what our new normal will look like in a few months or even a few years,” said Laron Walker, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Modern Radio, Inc. “Vaccines are on the horizon, but administration of those vaccines will be a lengthy, difficult process. The Smart Mask offers immediate peace of mind as more kids return to in-person learning. And because Smart Mask utilizes next-generation technology, its evolution will keep us one step ahead of challenges associated with future viral threats or critical environmental conditions.”

Benefits of the Smart Mask plug-and-play data tracking approach:

  • Eliminates the bottleneck associated with manual temperature checks (of multiple people, multiple times a day), manual entry of data and cumbersome paper reporting
  • Gives organizations prompt access to information to make informed decisions, even across multiple facilities or locations
  • Allows parents to monitor their child’s body temperature, sneezing or coughing when they are at school or any place where a face mask is required, be notified if their child removes his/her mask, manage their child’s mask schedule, and monitor the air quality around their child.

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