Hoboken College, Cranbury Company Team Up For Coronavirus Hacks

HOBOKEN, NJ — A Hoboken-based engineering university has teamed up with a Cranbury-based tech company to take part in a series of “hackathons” to address challenges posed by coronavirus, including economic ones.

The Stevens Venture Center, Stevens Institute of Technology’s tech incubator, is partnering with Infragistics, a Cranbury-based company, for COVID HealthHack II. They announced their partnership late last week.

COVID HealthHack II is the second in a series of virtual hackathons organized by the Stevens Venture Center to address challenges presented by the global pandemic.

The first COVID HealthHack, held in April, drew more than 100 participants and 15 submissions. Registration for the COVID HealthHack II, which kicks off on May 15, is currently open at www.covidhealthhack.com. The event is open to participants from around the world.

According to a press release, “The event will focus on how to reopen the economy by building innovative solutions to help people safely return to the new normal. Teams participating in this event will develop projects in categories such as virtual experiences, crowd monitoring, telemedicine and symptom tracking.”

As part of its support, Infragistics will be providing participants with access to its full line of UX/UI and analytics tools, including Ignite UI, Indigo.Design, and Reveal.

“We are pleased to offer the resources of our global team to support an event which can have a real impact around the world,” said Dean Guida, Founder and CEO of Infragistics. “Our technology experts and developers are committed to sharing our tools and expertise to help create solutions that can positively impact people’s lives.”

“We are bringing together students, entrepreneurs and professionals to develop real-world solutions that can be applied to the current challenges that we are all facing,” said Premal Kamdar, entrepreneur in residence at the Stevens Venture Center and creator of COVID HealthHack. “We are grateful for the support from partners like Infragistics, which are willing to share their technology and UX/UI expertise.”

The Stevens Venture Center is an entrepreneurship ecosystem with two objectives: to educate Stevens Institute of Technology students in modern entrepreneurial thinking, and to provide students and faculty with opportunities to explore the commercialization of their science and technology ideas.

The SVC is designed to connect Stevens entrepreneurs with infrastructure, resources and funding assistance so they can develop sustainable and successful commercial enterprises based on either Stevens-derived or individually conceived technologies.

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This article originally appeared on the Hoboken Patch

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