Warriors Basketball Academy Introduces Shoot 360 Technology

The Warriors Basketball Academy in Oakland has taken an innovative step forward with the unveiling of its latest component, Shoot 360, allowing for safe and socially distant workouts for registered participants. Through a unique combination of interactive technology and physical activity, the Shoot 360 experience measures participants’ skillset and uses computerized data to help identify ways they can improve their game.

A standard Shoot 360 workout includes one hour in the immersive experience, measuring players’ prowess through high-tech shooting stations and simulated skill cages. Based on players’ performance, data-derived results are collected and sent directly to their mobile app in real-time, enabling players to track progress and gain immediate feedback in order to improve their game on the spot.

Utilizing Shoot 360’s advanced technology, sensors in the shooting stations track, collect, and measure shot trajectory instantaneously. The real-time shot analysis includes measuring shot arc, tracking shooting percentage, measuring left/right differentials, and other various elements to improve shot accuracy. In the skill cages, participants are guided by virtual trainers who challenge their ball-handling and passing proficiency through a series of moving targets.

“It enables me to get more reps in,” program participant Joshua shared following his Shoot 360 experience, “I’ve seen a big difference in my game and I’m a much more confident basketball player.”

Adding another level of competitiveness, participants can challenge other players in the facility or elsewhere in the world, as long as they’re logged in to the Shoot 360 technology. Players simply select a sequence from the menu and begin the drill, with the advanced technology recording each players’ respective stats.

Warriors Basketball Academy Senior Director Jeff Addiego has been with the Warriors youth basketball program for 20 years, describing the program’s evolution as “tremendous.”

“It started with four summer camps here at the Oakland facility in the summer of 2000,” Addiego shared. “In the time since then, we have grown into the largest basketball camp program in the NBA, with more than 60,000 youth from six different continents having attended our camps and we’ve seen three former campers go on to play in the NBA.”

In fact, current Warrior Juan Toscano-Anderson is the first former camper to play for the Dubs

“Our program’s popularity and its success has afforded us the opportunity to be the first NBA team to have our own facility dedicated to youth basketball development,” Addiego continued. “Having Shoot 360 technology installed at our facility will be a tremendous benefit for our program participants as they pursue their basketball dreams.”

Participants are now eligible to register for a free Shoot 360 workout session. Ensuring to adhere to COVID-19 protocols, all Warriors Basketball Academy coaches and participants are required to wear face masks and players are provided three individual basketballs to use during the duration of their workout. For health and safety measures, basketballs are sanitized following each workout session.

Warriors Basketball Academy is the first youth program in the NBA to adopt Shoot 360 technology, extending the organization’s sustained efforts to advance the game of basketball and invest in Bay Area youth.

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