Unveiling the ZTUJO Felt Purse Organizer: Optimal Organization for Your Tote & Handbag!

Unveiling the ZTUJO Felt Purse Organizer: Optimal Organization for Your Tote & Handbag!

Have you ever struggled to find your keys or your favorite lipstick in the depths of your​ handbag? We certainly have, which is why we were excited​ to try out the ZTUJO Felt Purse Organizer. This handy accessory claims to help you‍ keep your tote or handbag‍ neat and organized, and we couldn’t wait to put it to the test. With various sizes and colors available, we were eager to see if​ this⁤ organizer⁢ could truly ​make a difference in our daily ⁢lives. In this review, we’ll share our first-hand experience with the ZTUJO ⁤Felt Purse Organizer and discuss ⁣its⁣ dimensions, design, and overall functionality. So, let’s dive ⁣in and discover if this product lives up to its promises!

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Overview of the ZTUJO Felt Purse ‌Organizer

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The ZTUJO Felt Purse Organizer is a must-have accessory for any handbag lover. With its premium materials and thoughtful design, this organizer will keep your purse neat and tidy, making it easy ⁤to find your essentials on the go. Available in 10 stylish colors, you can choose the one that⁤ best matches your style.

When⁣ it comes to choosing the right size for your handbag, the ZTUJO Purse Organizer makes it simple. Just measure⁢ the internal width, ⁣depth, and height of your purse, ensuring that it is larger than the organizer. Also,⁤ consider the height of the organizer to ‍ensure it doesn’t ⁤affect the closure of the handbag. To make it even‍ easier, we provide a size chart for you to reference⁣ before making your purchase.

Made‌ from high-quality felt fabric, ⁤the ‍ZTUJO Purse Organizer offers ‌a softer texture that won’t scratch or damage your belongings. The metal zipper adds a touch of elegance to ⁤the organizer, ensuring that your‌ items are securely stored.⁢ With 13 pockets in total ‌- 3 exterior and 10 interior mesh pockets – you’ll have plenty of⁣ space to store your phone, wallet, keys, makeup, and more.

Our laundry tips for‍ the ZTUJO Purse Organizer:‌ do not bleach, dry clean, or scrub⁣ with⁢ a brush. Instead, ⁤gently shade dry and reduce moisture to keep⁣ your organizer looking‍ its best. Each⁤ package contains one purse organizer, and it is ⁤not discontinued, ​so you can enjoy its functionality for years ⁣to come.

If​ you’re ready to take your handbag organization to⁤ the next level, click here to check out ‌the ZTUJO ⁢Felt Purse Organizer on Amazon. It’s perfect for your LV Speedy or Neverfull bag, and with⁣ its stylish⁣ design and practical features, ‍it’s a must-have accessory for any ‍fashionista. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your handbag experience.

Specific Features and ‍Aspects of the ZTUJO Felt Purse Organizer

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The ZTUJO Felt Purse Organizer comes in various sizes and colors, allowing you to choose the‍ perfect fit for your handbag. Before purchasing, it’s important to measure the internal width,⁤ depth, and height of your purse to ensure compatibility. The ⁣organizer should be​ slightly smaller‍ than​ your handbag to fit comfortably, and the height should be ⁢considered to avoid any ‍issues with closing the handbag. Make sure to check the size chart provided before making⁢ a decision.

This purse organizer is made of high-quality felt fabric, which has been upgraded for a softer texture. The material feels luxurious and provides⁢ excellent durability. It also features a sturdy metal zipper, ensuring that your belongings are securely enclosed. With 13 pockets in total, including 3 ‌exterior pockets and 10 ‌interior​ mesh pockets, this organizer offers ample ⁤storage options for your essentials. The multiple compartments help keep ‍your items organized and easily accessible.

If you’re ⁢looking for ‌a ​stylish and functional purse‍ organizer, the ZTUJO Felt Purse‍ Organizer is a great ​choice. With a variety of colors to ⁣choose from and‌ three different sizes available, you ⁢can find the perfect fit for your ‍handbag. The high-quality materials and thoughtful design make this organizer a must-have accessory. Don’t⁤ miss out, check it ‍out on Amazon and see how⁢ it can transform your handbag ‌organization.

Detailed Insights and Recommendations for⁤ the ZTUJO Felt Purse Organizer

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When it comes to‌ choosing the right size for ​your handbag, the ZTUJO Purse⁢ Organizer provides a helpful size chart to ensure a perfect fit. First,⁤ measure the internal width, ​depth, and height of your ​purse. It’s important to note that ⁤your‍ purse should be larger than the organizer to accommodate it properly. Additionally, consider the height of ‌the ⁤organizer to ensure⁣ that it doesn’t affect the closure of your handbag. By following these simple steps and checking the size chart ⁤provided by ZTUJO, you can confidently select the ideal size for your needs.

The ZTUJO Purse Organizer is made from premium felt fabric, which⁢ sets it apart from other organizers on the market. The use ‍of high-quality‍ materials ensures durability and longevity, making⁣ this organizer a‌ worthwhile investment. With an array of 11 colors ⁤to‌ choose from, you can personalize your organizer ⁢to match your handbag or express your⁣ unique style.

Designed⁣ with functionality in mind, the ⁣ZTUJO Purse Organizer features 13 pockets – three ‌exterior ​pockets​ and ten interior mesh ​pockets. This allows for‍ convenient⁣ storage⁤ and easy access to your essentials, such as your phone, keys, and wallet. The metal zipper adds a touch of elegance and ensures that your belongings are securely enclosed.

In terms of care, the ZTUJO Purse Organizer is easy to ‌maintain. It is recommended to avoid ⁢bleaching‍ and scrubbing with a brush. Instead, dry ⁣cleaning and reduced ⁢moisture are suggested for⁣ optimal preservation. Overall, the ZTUJO Felt Purse Organizer offers a practical⁤ and stylish solution to keep your handbag organized and your essentials within reach.

If you’re ready‌ to elevate your handbag organization game, check out the ZTUJO Felt⁢ Purse Organizer on Amazon [Insert Call to Action link]. With ‍its premium materials, ​functional design, and variety of colors, it’s a must-have accessory for any handbag enthusiast.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

We have carefully analyzed the customer reviews for the ZTUJO Felt Purse Organizer, and here’s ‍what we found:

Review Rating Summary
I am so pleased ‌with this item! It’s the⁣ perfect fit for my medium neverfull! It protects my bag and keeps me very ‍organized. I definitely recommend!! ★★★★★ Perfect fit and organization
Anyone⁤ who has a​ bag of any kind should have⁢ an ⁣organizer. These help keep things nice‍ and neat so that you aren’t constantly digging for things. I have them in ​all ‍shapes and sizes. Great material and very durable. ★★★★★ Great material and durability
I was a little ‌disappointed that this ⁢doesn’t have any sort of cup/bottle secure bc it ⁤looks like it​ does in the pictures. Other than that I love it! ‌I have it ‌in my‍ Nine West ⁢tote bag and it fits‌ well and⁢ has⁢ good material. Some of the side pockets are a little shallow but it works! Very lightweight. ★★★★ Good fit,‍ lightweight, but missing cup/bottle secure
Easy to place inside my⁣ handbag. Holds my handbag upright which I had hoped for. Works great! ★★★★★ Good fit and‍ keeps bag upright
I carry very large handbags and can⁢ rarely find a purse⁢ organizer that is ​big enough to hold what I want to hold in an organized way and keep not only its‌ shape, but​ the shape of my handbag.⁢ I’m one of ⁤those people ⁢who carries‍ her ‌life (and the life ⁤of⁣ her two goldendoodles) in her bag. It doesn’t matter what the style of ‍the moment‍ is‍ – my‌ handbags are HUGE. The problem is time wasted digging around ‌in what seems like a great black hole‍ to find my reading glasses, my phone, my keys, dog‍ biscuits, ⁤eye drops, a pen… I think you get the picture. This insert has been nothing short⁣ of a lifesaver. It ⁤not only keeps my handbag‍ organized, but it​ also holds it shape. In the ​past, I’ve purchased​ organizers that collapse in on⁣ themselves and are ultimately useless. I just can say enough good things about this item. ‌Can ⁤you tell I LOVEEEEE IT! ★★★★★ Lifesaver for large handbags
Wrong photo vs. what was sent. Thought it didn’t have⁤ a zipper pocket but it does. My⁤ tote⁣ bag ⁢has silver detail not gold so I was looking forward to a plain black organizer but was sent ​one woth a gold zipper. Got the ‌Slender Medium, it does fit perfectly but the gold throws it off for my‌ MJ Tote bag. ★★★ Wrong color, but good fit
The organizer was too big for my delightful GM. Too big⁢ for Delightful GM
This keeps everything organized perfectly!! ★★★★★ Perfect⁣ organization
I bought this bag insert for ‍my ‌large Dior book ‌tote. I was worried the ⁣insert⁢ was not big‌ enough but turns out to fit perfectly into my bag without any gaps. They’re⁣ made for each other. Super ⁤happy ⁣with ‍this purchase. I‌ use this bag for work everyday‍ so this insert will​ serve its purpose to the fullest. I have already recommended to my besties. I’ll​ return for more inserts. ★★★★★ Perfect fit for Dior Book Tote
Great product. Just perfect for my 2 tote‌ handbags. Sturdy and good quality. ★★★★★ Sturdy and good‍ quality
Color perfectly matched the interior⁣ and the size ​is perfect for my ‍LV Neverfull MM. Provides great structure and shape – wish I’d bought it earlier! ★★★★★ Perfect color match ‌and structure
It’s ⁣lightweight and It fits perfectly into my girlfriend purse,⁤ exactly the‍ size ‌she was looking for. It keeps ⁣items in place, and she can reach in without looking and find her makeup, sunnies, mobile, etc. without spending ages searching or having to empty the⁤ purse. This was perfect for ​her needs and it does the ⁤job!! ★★★★★ Perfect fit ‌and keeps items in place
The material is rigid enough to help give my bag ⁤shape, which makes it⁣ much easier to keep my bag organized.‍ I purchased the large size and⁤ it was a perfect fit. A great range of differently ​sized pockets and ​slots for iPad/notebooks/etc. ★★★★★ Rigid material for bag shape and ⁣good pocket range

From these reviews, it is clear that the ZTUJO ‍Felt Purse​ Organizer ‍has been well-received by customers. The majority of users appreciate its⁢ perfect fit, ability to‌ keep their bags‍ organized, and the high-quality ‌materials used⁣ in its construction. The organizer’s lightweight nature and range of​ pockets also received praise. However, a few customers mentioned issues with color ​mismatches and ‌sizes not fitting certain‌ bags.

In conclusion,​ if you ⁣are looking‍ for ⁢an efficient and durable purse organizer,⁣ the ZTUJO Felt Purse Organizer‌ is a great ‌choice, especially for medium-sized bags like the LV Neverfull MM or Nine West tote bag. Just make sure to ‍double-check the size and color specifications to ensure a perfect match for your ⁢specific bag.

Pros & Cons

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  1. The ZTUJO Felt Purse Organizer comes in 5 sizes and 10 colors, offering ⁤a wide ​range of ‌options to match any handbag or tote.
  2. With its 13 pockets, including 3 exterior and 10 interior mesh pockets, this organizer allows⁤ for optimal organization, keeping all your essentials neat and ⁢easily accessible.
  3. The felt⁣ fabric material of the organizer is of high quality, ensuring durability and longevity.
  4. The softer texture of the⁢ felt fabric provides a ‍luxurious feel and protects your bag and its contents from scratches.
  5. The metal zipper closure adds an ⁣extra ⁢layer of security, preventing your items⁢ from falling out or getting lost.


  1. Choosing the right size can be a‍ bit tricky. It is important to measure the ‍internal width,⁤ depth, and⁣ height of your purse ​to ensure⁢ the organizer will fit properly ⁤without affecting the closure of ‍the bag.
  2. Some customers may ⁣find the color options limited, especially if they are looking for more ⁣vibrant or unique⁣ shades.
  3. The care instructions⁢ for the organizer, such as avoiding bleach and dry cleaning, may require extra attention and⁣ care compared to ⁣other materials.
  4. While the 13 pockets provide ample storage space, some users may find⁣ it overwhelming to remember ​where they placed​ specific items.

Overall, the ZTUJO Felt Purse Organizer offers a great ​solution for those looking to keep​ their ​handbags and totes organized. With⁣ its variety of⁢ sizes and colors, high-quality materials, and ample pockets, this organizer provides the⁤ optimal organization you need while adding a touch of luxury to your bag.


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Q: How do I choose ‌the right‍ size ZTUJO Felt Purse Organizer for my handbag?

A:‍ Choosing the right size ZTUJO Felt Purse Organizer for ‌your​ handbag⁢ is easy! Just follow these three simple steps. Step 1: Measure the internal Width, Depth, and Height of your handbag. Step 2: Ensure that ‍your handbag is⁢ larger than the organizer you‌ choose. Step 3: Consider the ⁤height of the organizer to ⁢make sure it doesn’t affect the closure of your handbag. Be sure ⁤to check our⁢ Size Chart before making your ⁤purchase to ensure‍ the perfect fit!

Q: What materials are used in the ZTUJO Felt Purse Organizer?

A: The ZTUJO Felt Purse Organizer is made of ​high-quality Felt ⁢Fabric, ensuring durability and longevity. We have also upgraded the materials to make it even better! The texture of the organizer is softer, providing ‍a luxurious feel. ⁢Additionally, the ‍organizer features a metal zipper for ‍added⁢ security and convenience.

Q: How many color options are available for⁣ the ZTUJO Felt Purse​ Organizer?

A: We offer a wide range of color options⁤ to ‌match‍ your ​personal ‌style and preferences. Choose from Beige, Red, Black,‌ Grey, Coffee, Purplish Blue, Blue, ⁢Wine Red, Rose, Beige and Black, and more! With ⁤10‍ vibrant colors to choose from, there’s sure‍ to be one that suits your taste.

Q: What sizes are available for the ZTUJO Felt Purse Organizer?

A: The ZTUJO Felt ⁣Purse Organizer comes ⁤in three different sizes to accommodate various handbag sizes. The Medium size ( is perfect for fitting LV Speedy 30.⁢ The Large size ( fits Speedy ⁣35⁤ and Neverfull MM perfectly. Lastly, the⁢ X-Large​ size (1577inch) is designed to fit Speedy 40 ⁤and Neverfull ​GM ⁤perfectly. Choose the size that best fits your handbag for optimal organization.

Q: How many pockets does⁢ the ZTUJO Felt Purse Organizer have?

A: The ZTUJO⁣ Felt Purse Organizer features 13 pockets in total,​ including 3 exterior pockets and 10 interior ⁤mesh pockets. These‌ pockets provide ample storage ‌space⁤ for all your essentials, keeping them organized and easily accessible. Say goodbye to rummaging ​through‍ your bag, with this organizer, ‍everything has its place.

Q: How should I care for ​my ZTUJO Felt Purse Organizer?

A: To keep your ZTUJO Felt Purse Organizer in top ​condition, follow these simple laundry tips.‍ Avoid using bleach and dry cleaning, as it ⁣may damage the fabric. Instead, reduce moisture and gently clean the organizer‌ without scrubbing ⁤or using a brush. Afterward, simply shade ‌dry. By ‌following ⁣these care instructions, your purse organizer will stay in great‌ shape for a long⁢ time.

Q: What is included in the package when I ​purchase a​ ZTUJO Felt⁢ Purse Organizer?

A: When you purchase a ZTUJO Felt Purse Organizer, you will receive ⁣one piece of the organizer in the color and size of your choice. Our goal ⁣is to provide you with high-quality products that enhance your organization and convenience.

We hope this Q&A section⁣ has answered any questions you ⁣may have had about the ZTUJO Felt Purse Organizer. If ⁣you have any ⁢other inquiries, feel free to reach out to⁤ us. Happy organizing!

Embrace a New Era

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In​ conclusion, ​the ZTUJO Felt Purse Organizer is the ultimate solution for keeping your tote and handbag perfectly ⁣organized. With its optimal size options and high-quality materials, this organizer is designed to fit seamlessly into your favorite ⁣purse.

Not only does⁤ the ZTUJO Purse Organizer provide ample‍ storage space with its ‌13 pockets, but it also offers a‌ soft and ⁣luxurious texture.‌ The upgrade in materials ensures durability ⁤and longevity, allowing⁤ you to⁢ enjoy‍ organized bliss for years to come.

Choosing the right size for your handbag is‍ made simple with​ our step-by-step guide. ⁤Just measure the internal dimensions of your purse and compare them to our size⁢ chart. It’s important to note the height⁣ of‍ the organizer to ensure a proper closure of your handbag.

With 10⁤ stunning colors‌ to choose from,⁢ you can ‍find the perfect match for your personal style. From classic black and beige ​to vibrant red and purplish blue, there’s a shade to suit every taste.

Taking care of your ZTUJO Purse‍ Organizer is easy⁣ too. Simply follow our laundry tips to keep it looking fresh and ‌clean for years to come.

If you’re ready to experience optimal organization in your handbag, don’t delay! ‌Click here to get your‌ ZTUJO Felt Purse Organizer today.

Click here to get ‍your ZTUJO Felt Purse Organizer now!

Make your⁣ handbag a haven of order and⁤ style with the ZTUJO Felt ​Purse Organizer. Order yours today ⁤and transform the way you carry your essentials!

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