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Experts say the Trump allies and right-wing media outlets facing defamation lawsuits from the voting-technology company Dominion could be on the hook for huge sums if they lose

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Sidney Powell and President Donald Trump. Getty Images
  • Dominion Voting Systems — an election-technology company implicated in false conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election — filed a $1.3 billion lawsuit against Sidney Powell, an architect of the conspiracy theories, on Friday.

  • Attorneys for Dominion and Smartmatic, another election-technology company, have warned of lawsuits against President Donald Trump, Fox News, Newsmax, and One America News.

  • Legal experts told Insider such defamation lawsuits could be big wins for Dominion.

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On January 3, two months after he lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden, President

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‘Technology’ Can’t Explain Trump Supporters Storming the Capitol

Only a few hours after Trump supporters stormed the Capitol in an effort to block the certification of election results, commentators online began pinning the blame for Wednesday’s riot on technology and social media platforms. It is hard to square such claims with the Confederate flags that were proudly waved in the Capitol; America has a long history of right-wing mobs and violence, much of it racist. Most of that earlier violence was much more intense, more widely accepted, and, crucially, legally protected. Technology alone cannot explain that, and yet there are stubborn efforts to insist otherwise.

On the day

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Dominion’s CEO says the voting technology company is going to sue Sidney Powell for defamation and is considering a lawsuit against Trump

Sidney Powell
Sidney Powell. Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images
  • Dominion CEO John Poulos told Axios it is preparing an “imminent” defamation lawsuit against Sidney Powell for her false election conspiracy theories about the voting technology company.

  • Poulos also said he is considering whether to sue President Donald Trump for pushing some of the same false theories.

  • Dominion has sent document retention letters to a range of right-wing media organizations and figures for propagating elements of the theories and warned of lawsuits against them.

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Dominion Voting Systems CEO John Poulos said the company is

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Trump legal team’s batch of false vote claims

National Review

Checkmate in Pennsylvania for the Trump Campaign

Realistically speaking, the legal battle over the 2020 election is over. As I explained over the weekend, from President Trump’s perspective, that battle is beset by a fatal mismatch between (a) what his campaign is in a position to allege and prove, and (b) the remedy — i.e., the potential number of votes that could swing from Biden to Trump. That problem was already apparent last week, when the campaign filed its original complaint in the Williamsport federal court. It became insurmountable Sunday, when the campaign amended its complaint, stripping out

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Trump touts ‘fantastic’ TikTok deal with Walmart and Oracle

Popular video app TikTok announced Saturday it has proposed an agreement with Oracle as its US technology provider and Walmart as a commercial partner, a potential deal US President Donald Trump touted as “fantastic.”

“We are pleased that the proposal by TikTok, Oracle, and Walmart will resolve the security concerns of the US Administration and settle questions around TikTok’s future in the US,” a spokeswoman for TikTok, owned by China’s ByteDance, told AFP.

Oracle will become the “trusted technology provider, responsible for hosting all US user data and securing associated computer systems to ensure US national security requirements are fully

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