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Uber stops developing driverless cars as it sells off technology

Uber has dropped plans to build its own driverless car and has sold the division developing the technology to a US start-up, after repeated setbacks to its dreams of having a network of robot taxis.

The company said it had agreed to sell its Advanced Technologies Group, which had been developing self-driving software, to US start-up Aurora, in exchange for a minority stake.

Uber’s founder Travis Kalanick had put driverless cars at the centre of the company’s future, believing that the rapid onset of the technology would make the company vastly profitable by eliminating the cost of drivers.  However, the

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How Novavax is pulling out all the stops to produce a coronavirus vaccine by next year

Novavax (NVAX), the latest company to enter the increasingly crowded field to produce a coronavirus vaccine, is juggling multiple pieces in order to meet an aggressive development timeline, CEO Stanley Erck explained to Yahoo Finance on Thursday.

This week, the biotech company entered into clinical trials in Australia, making it one of a dozen companies to do so out of more than 100 existing vaccine candidates. Like other drug candidates, Novavax’s experimental treatment is being produced at risk in order to meet unprecedented demand, with the COVID-19 crisis sickening nearly 6 million worldwide, and killing over 350,000.

Experts say the

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