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NFL learnings from 2020 technology here to stay

One of the major benefits of playing a full season pretty much on schedule during a pandemic is what the NFL learned technologically from 2020.

Commissioner Roger Goodell says the league has found new avenues of communication that will be common in future seasons.

“Virtual meetings have now become standard in the NFL; we are not going to have as much (in-person) meetings when we get back,” Goodell said Wednesday at the NFL Women’s Careers in Football Forum. “I think technology is something we have embraced and will make us better.”

The previous standard before the COVID-19 pandemic was hour

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Chanel’s New Lipscanner Technology Is Proof That Virtual Reality Beauty Testing Is Here to Stay

AI, AR, VR, or any form of virtual reality, isn’t a new concept within the beauty industry, but it certainly is a remarkable one. Virtual reality has always stirred a web of speculation and curiosity amongst tech-savvy enthusiasts, and whether the enriching digital-based experience was put to the test by mass brands like Nike and IKEA, or luxury fashion houses such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton, augmented reality is the once-niche concept that is turning traditional ways of shopping and experiencing products into a revolutionary trend.

It isn’t surprising that the pandemic has helped accelerate the digital innovation in the

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Digital Transformation Stocks to Stay Hot in 2020: 5 Picks

Demand for IoT, AI, VR and AR across industries is anticipated to grow substantially. These solutions are capable of embedding intelligence into business operations to facilitate employee and customer engagement. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic only sped up the process of digital transformation, which now puts us in an era of remote working.

The past decade has seen significant growth in usage of smartphones, mobile devices and applications that promotes digitization. However, digital transformation is all aboutintroduction of more technologically-advanced products and services that connect and offer data-rich solutions.

Digital transformation helps streamline and integrate all business operations and also

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