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Satellites becoming smaller, less expensive in revolution of space business

The images of the glaciers came from a constellation of satellites no bigger than a shoe box, in orbit 280 miles up. Operated by San Francisco-based company Planet, the satellites, called Doves, weigh just over 10 pounds each and fly in “flocks” that today include 175 satellites. If one fails, the company replaces it, and as better batteries, solar arrays and cameras become available, the company updates its satellites the way Apple unveils a new iPhone.

The revolution in technology that transformed personal computing, put smart speakers in homes and gave rise to the age of artificial intelligence and machine

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CES panel explores new space technology and research

The next generation of space exploration is coming, and with it the next generation of space research and technology.

Space represents an out-of-this-world opportunity for research and development, and the International Space Station continues to play a significant role in how microgravity conditions can help humans better understand space and their own world.

CNN space reporter Rachel Crane hosted a CES panel on Wednesday that probed these topics.

Astronauts at the station conduct experiments around the clock at the station, ranging from cellular, physical and material science, said Serena Auñón-Chancellor, a NASA astronaut and physician who spent nearly 200 days

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These Women in Tech are Doing Pathbreaking Work in the AI Space

It has always been a hurdle to include more and more women in tech. The educational reforms and the policy and program objectives put forward by governments encourage the education and training of women at all levels in the fields of science and technology. They provide concrete plans and resources for women entrepreneurs, aiming to reduce the gender gap that exists in a male dominated industry.

Women tech founders are on the rise making extraordinary strides in the Artificial Intelligence industry. They are changemakers working in the science of cognition, machine learning, and leading-edge forms of artificial intelligence as computer

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Japan’s solution to space junk problem is wooden satellites that would burn up upon reentry

Japanese researchers are working on satellite technology that would use wood components to eliminate excess space junk, allowing objects to burn up upon reentry to Earth’s atmosphere, according to a new report.

Sumitomo Forestry, a 400-year-old Japanese woodworking company, is partnering with Kyoto University to develop the technology, the BBC reported Tuesday.

NASA estimated more than a decade ago that 95% of manmade objects in orbit were space junk. They come from defunct satellites, discarded rocket stages and other discarded mission materials.


Most of it is relatively small, according to

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