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Announcing the MIT Technology Review Covid Inequality Fellowships

Early in the pandemic, some headlines argued that covid-19 was the great equalizer—because anyone, no matter their circumstance, could catch it. In reality, it was clear that the virus was affecting some groups of Americans in disproportionate, devastating ways. 

Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Indigenous communities, and other people of color have been affected the most, and are dying at much higher rates. Incarcerated people have been left unprotected, and those in poverty have been among the hardest hit. Schoolchildren from poorer backgrounds are suffering the biggest educational setbacks, with lifelong repercussions. 

We know many of the reasons, including frontline jobs

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MIT Technology Review hosts Future Compute Feb 10-11, 2021

What happens when the internet of things converges at the speed of 5G with the reasoning of artificial intelligence? Join Future Compute for a curated exploration of the next wave of computing technologies.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Jan. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — MIT Technology Review’s February 10-11, 2021 virtual conference, Future Compute.

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Presented in two consecutive half-days by experts at the forefront of intelligent computing technologies such as IoT, 5G, and AI, Future Compute combines the authoritative, influential, and trustworthy programming MIT Technology Review is known for with a virtual, attendee-centric experience. Designed for interaction, attendees will have opportunities

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2020 tech transformation: Year in review

The year 2020 proved to be a pivotal one in tech, as companies provided essential services during the coronavirus pandemic and unveiled 5G telecom technology while facing unprecedented antitrust scrutiny and accusations of censorship amid an intense election and social justice movement.

“I think sometimes we hear that … U.S. innovation is slowing down, and I think the last year has shown that that’s not really the case,” Neil Chilson, senior research fellow for tech and innovation at the Charles Koch Institute, told Fox News. 

Chilson gave examples of the country’s rapid COVID-19 vaccine development, SpaceX’s astronaut launch in May

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Dangobuds Earbuds Review: Is this 59$ earbuds worth it?

12/24/2020, Clifton // KISSPR //

Earbud is a technology of fashion, style and convenience. Earbuds were obviously invented out of tiredness and frustration with untangling wires in the traditional wired earphones. Earbuds are portable and fashionable devices that can be synchronized with other devices through bluetooth technology.

Earbuds have not just been extremely helpful in making us enjoy our music to the fullest but also has made phone communications a lot smarter and easier. Think about answering a phone call with your hands not on your ears holding a phone and yet you can hear your conversion clearly and audibly

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‘Come Play’ Review: A ‘Black Mirror’-esque Story On Technology Presented As A Tense Creature Feature

Come Play, written and directed by Jacob Chase, tells the story of Oliver (Azhy Robertson) who is an autistic kid going through a tough time since his parents are splitting up and he isn’t making any friends at school. Out of the blue, he’s contacted through his mobile device by a creature called Larry that wants to be his friend. But it obviously has sinister plans in its mind. Chase tactfully blends a message about over-dependence on technology with the scares that are synonymous with creature features. And with some great performances, primarily from Robertson, neat editing, and impactful sound

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