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Alibaba Facial Recognition Tech Specifically Picks Out Uighur Minority, Report Shows | Voice of America

SHANGHAI – Technology giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. has facial recognition technology that can specifically pick out members of China’s Uighur minority, surveillance industry researcher IPVM said in a report. 

Alibaba itself said it was dismayed a unit developed software that can tag ethnicity in videos, and that the feature was never intended to be deployed to customers. 

The report comes as human rights groups accuse China of forcing more than 1 million Muslim Uighurs into labor camps in the region of Xinjiang and call out firms suspected of complicity. 

FILE – Residents line up inside a vocational training center
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Voice Recognition Tech Privacy and Cybersecurity Concerns

A new report released by Global Market Insights, Inc. last month estimates that the global market valuation for voice recognition technology will reach approximately $7 billion by 2026, in main part due to the surge of AI and machine learning across a wide array of devices including smartphones, healthcare apps, banking apps and connected cars, just to name a few. Whether performing a quick handsfree search on your phone or car command while driving, voice recognition technology has enhanced the effortlessness of consumer use. Particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies that may never

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Police Commission to review LAPD’s facial recognition use after Times report

The L.A. Police Commission will review LAPD use of facial recognition software after The Times reported that LAPD officers had used the technology nearly 30,000 times since 2009. <span class="copyright">(Bob Chamberlin / Los Angeles Times)</span>
The L.A. Police Commission will review LAPD use of facial recognition software after The Times reported that LAPD officers had used the technology nearly 30,000 times since 2009. (Bob Chamberlin / Los Angeles Times)

The Los Angeles Police Commission on Tuesday said it would review the city Police Department’s use of facial recognition software and how it compared with programs in other major cities.

The commission did so after citing reporting by The Times this week that publicly revealed the scope of the LAPD’s use of facial recognition for the first time — including that hundreds of LAPD officers have

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Why Portland Just Passed the Strictest Facial Recognition Ban in the U.S.

Photo credit: Spencer Whalen / EyeEm - Getty Images
Photo credit: Spencer Whalen / EyeEm – Getty Images

From Popular Mechanics

  • Portland City Council has passed one of the most severe facial recognition bans in the U.S.

  • Along with prohibiting city bureaus from using the technology, the ordinance will also apply to private companies and governments—not private citizens.

  • Amid the nationwide Black Lives Matter protests, surveillance has become a renewed topic of interest as facial recognition software often exhibits racial bias.

In a landmark move, Portland, Oregon, has enacted the nation’s most stringent, sweeping facial recognition ban. On Wednesday, city council unanimously passed two new ordinances that prohibit both

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Rite Aid used facial recognition in hundreds of stores for years

As of last week, Rite Aid had pulled the plug on the software, which was present in around 200 locations, owing to a “larger industry conversation” about facial recognition. “Other large technology companies seem to be scaling back or rethinking their efforts around facial recognition given increasing uncertainty around the technology’s utility,” the company said.

IBM said last month it’d no longer work on facial recognition, in part due to concerns about surveillance and racial profiling. A number of studies have suggested racial bias is present in facial recognition tech, and there have been at least two cases in which

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