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Radar technology key for NOAA’s hurricane forecasts hits setback

The $70 million funding bid over five years failed because of flaws in NCAR’s proposal, according to two senior NOAA officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak on grant decision-making.

The decision follows the busiest hurricane season on record, when communities were ravaged by rapidly intensifying storms, which are difficult to forecast and are increasingly common in a warming world.

The radar, known as airborne phased-array radar or APAR, would be mounted on aircraft and flown into storms, scanning hurricanes and other storms in all directions.

Compared with the current generation of

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1 Fintech Company to Put on Your Radar

Financial technology, or fintech, is one of the most exciting growth opportunities over the next several years as the world becomes increasingly cashless and banks rely on technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their business. In this Dec. 14 Fool Live video from our Industry Focus: Financials show, Fool.com contributor Matt Frankel, CFP, and host Jason Moser take a closer look at nCino (NASDAQ:NCNO). Here’s what this banking software company does, how it makes its money, and why it could still have tons of room to grow. 

Jason Moser: This week, Matt, we’re going to jump into

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The Huge Technology News That Went Totally Under the Radar on Monday

Many “out-of-home” stocks surged on Monday, Nov. 16, as leading vaccine company Moderna (OTC: MRNA) disclosed its coronavirus vaccine proved 94.5% effective in clinical trials, and that it lasts longer than expected in a refrigerated environment.

This is fantastic news, and it reignited the continued rotation from “stay-at-home” stocks to “reopening stocks” that began earlier this month following the release of positive data from Pfizer (NYSE:PFE).

One sector that combines both the long-term growth prospects of stay-at-home tech stocks with the cyclical qualities of many “out-of-home” stocks are semiconductors, which also got a boost Monday. But it wasn’t only

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Tesla wants to prevent child heatstroke with an in-car radar that alerts drivers who leave their kids behind

If approved, a new in-car sensor could help Tesla cut back on a problem that killed 52 children in 2019. 

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If approved, a new in-car sensor could help Tesla cut back on a problem that killed 52 children in 2019.
  • Tesla filed a petition with the FCC in order to get approval for a motion detector that would detect when kids are left behind in the car.

  • Elon Musk has never been keen on adding sensors to his cars, but seems to be making an exception here. 

  • GM and Nissan also have technology to prevent child deaths in cars. 

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In late July, Tesla filed a petition with the

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