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The Technology 202: D.C.’s vaccination portal failed three days in a row. It’s part of a bigger problem.

Others were asked to log in to a nonexistent account, my colleagues reported. And some said they repeatedly were told that the captcha codes they typed in were incorrect, even when they were the same as the digits displayed on the website. 

Lindsey Parker, chief technology officer for the D.C. government, said in a video on Twitter that the city’s portal was unable to handle a surge of more than 36,000 people visiting the portal in a single day trying to obtain one of about 4,300 vaccination slots. She said in a joint statement with Microsoft vice president Paul Mirts

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Council Post: The Problem With Technology

Head of marketing at Lightico. Proven business leader driving tech in enterprises. Born into Fortune 500s — now building tech companies.

What company these days doesn’t want to adopt the latest technology? Many companies today are like the proverbial kid in the candy store, reaching for the latest tools that come with shiny buzzwords like “AI” and “machine learning.” But while embracing technology can bring a lot of positive changes, the right technology is needed — not just the latest one. And all too often, companies lack solid criteria according to which to choose their tech stack. 


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Japan’s solution to space junk problem is wooden satellites that would burn up upon reentry

Japanese researchers are working on satellite technology that would use wood components to eliminate excess space junk, allowing objects to burn up upon reentry to Earth’s atmosphere, according to a new report.

Sumitomo Forestry, a 400-year-old Japanese woodworking company, is partnering with Kyoto University to develop the technology, the BBC reported Tuesday.

NASA estimated more than a decade ago that 95% of manmade objects in orbit were space junk. They come from defunct satellites, discarded rocket stages and other discarded mission materials.


Most of it is relatively small, according to

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