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5 Predictions About Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

No one could have known that bitcoin and blockchain technology would bring widespread change to so many different sectors. And even though bitcoin and blockchain technology aren’t widely used still, it’s very likely there will be even more innovations, and entire industries will be fully transformed thanks to BTC and blockchain technologies. In this article, we provide an overview of five predictions about bitcoin and blockchain.

Bitcoin Price Prediction

Bitcoin experienced great growth in 2020. First, it attracted more attention than usual due to bitcoin halving, an event that is highly anticipated, and it happens every four years. Bitcoin halving

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Amazon’s Chief Technology Officer Shares His Predictions for 2021

Werner Vogels,

Amazon.com Inc.’s

chief technology officer, predicts 2021 will see a much broader distribution of the technologies that have been powering big corporations.

The shift, which includes connecting more devices to the cloud, and better access to machine learning, builds on recent advances in software and silicon as well as the acceleration of digital initiatives by companies over the past year.

“I tried to stay with some of the things that I know will be happening because we have some control of them,” said Mr. Vogels. On Wednesday, he shared eight predictions based on customer-behavior patterns and technology investments

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