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China’s leaders vow to become self-reliant technology power

BEIJING (AP) — China’s leaders are vowing to make their country a self-reliant “technology power” as a feud with Washington cuts access to U.S. computer chips and other high-tech components, hampering Beijing’s industrial ambitions.

Leaders of the ruling Communist Party made the announcement Thursday after a meeting to draft a development blueprint for the state-dominated economy over the next five years.

President Xi Jinping’s government is trying to limit damage from the Trump administration’s curbs on technology sales to China in a fight over security and spying. Those threaten to disrupt plans to create Chinese companies able to compete in

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2021 Audi Q5 gets more power, new look, and better technology

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Audi updated the Q5, its best-selling model in the United States, with a redesigned front end, more power, and new available rear lights that use technology television fans will be familiar with. It’s due out later in 2020.

Stylists tweaked the Q5’s front end with a light hand. The idea was to bring it in line with other recent additions to the Audi range, like the second-generation Q3, not to start from scratch and give it a completely new face. Its grille is wider and shorter, its headlights gain new lighting elements, and the air

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