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10 Best Technology Stocks That Pay Dividends

In this article we will present the list of 10 best dividend paying technology stocks. Click to skip ahead and jump to the 5 Best Technology Stocks That Pay Dividends.

The recent gamer-induced stock market fiasco might really make you consider these 10 best technology stocks that pay dividends. Why? Well, during rocky stock market periods when capital gains are hard to achieve or nearly impossible you will still get paid. If you hold these stocks over a long period of time, they also provide a comfortable hedge against inflation and are tax-advantaged. Whether you focus on high-yield dividend

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What We Learned About Technology One’s (ASX:TNE) CEO Pay


Goldman Sachs Says These 3 Stocks Could Surge Over 30% From Current Levels

After a true annus horribilus, we’re all ready for better times. The US equity strategy team at Goldman Sachs, led by David Kostin, sees those better time ahead, and in the near-term. The team is predicting a 25% gain for the S&P 500 within the next 24 months – or to put it in absolute numbers, they believe the index will hit 4,600 by December 2022. Kostin lays out four clear reasons for believing that we’re at the start of another prolonged bull run. First, he

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Why Pivot Technology Solutions’ (TSE:PTG) CEO Pay Matters

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What is Jack Ma’s Ant Group and how does it make money?

Digital financial services giant Ant Group is on the cusp of pulling off the world’s biggest initial public offering and could be worth over US$500 billion in the near future, riding on the digitisation of financial services in the world’s second-largest economy.Hangzhou-headquartered Ant’s coming out parade illustrates China’s lead in digital finance. Its super-slick mobile payment app, Alipay, has over 1 billion users, making it the world’s most popular app outside social-media networks.Ant’s payments network is just the gateway, funnelling small businesses and consumers

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What Does GSI Technology’s (NASDAQ:GSIT) CEO Pay Reveal?

Lee-Lean Shu has been the CEO of GSI Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:GSIT) since 1995, and this article will examine the executive’s compensation with respect to the overall performance of the company. This analysis will also look to assess whether the CEO is appropriately paid, considering recent earnings growth and investor returns for GSI Technology.

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Comparing GSI Technology, Inc.’s CEO Compensation With the industry

Our data indicates that GSI Technology, Inc. has a market capitalization of US$154m, and total annual CEO compensation was reported as US$843k for the year to March 2020. That’s a notable

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Is SIM Technology Group Limited’s (HKG:2000) CEO Pay Fair?

Jun Liu became the CEO of SIM Technology Group Limited (HKG:2000) in 2014. This report will, first, examine the CEO compensation levels in comparison to CEO compensation at companies of similar size. After that, we will consider the growth in the business. And finally – as a second measure of performance – we will look at the returns shareholders have received over the last few years. This process should give us an idea about how appropriately the CEO is paid.

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How Does Jun Liu’s Compensation Compare With Similar Sized Companies?

At the

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