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Idaho faith: Pandemic shows the value of human connection

As a millennial, I was raised with the big promises of technology. The 1990s — remember that decade? fun times, terrible fashion — were a decade that swore that computer technology would usher in an infinitely better future: greater connection, a world of information instantly accessible, all done at rapid speeds.

As a parish priest, technology has been a great help in keeping people connected and engaged in worship during this coronavirus pandemic. We’re able to livestream our worship services and share lots of fun extras online in ways that would have been nearly impossible 20 years ago. Given how

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Pandemic Forces Companies to Confront Technology Ethics Questions

Matters of ethics eventually will be built into how tech products are conceived and built, said Paula Goldman, Salesforce.com chief ethical and humane use officer.


Ronny Knight

Companies trying to reopen offices during the coronavirus pandemic face ethics and privacy questions about how they screen employees for potential health problems.

Some apps and data-collection systems probe for Covid-19 symptoms, such as fever or cough, and ask about an employee’s activities outside of work. But collecting and storing such detailed information can lead an organization to cross ethical boundaries, said Paula

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Pandemic hurt enforcement on suicide, child nudity

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — Looks like the machines aren’t ready to take over just yet.

The COVID-19 pandemic affected Facebook’s ability to remove harmful and forbidden material from its platforms, the company said Tuesday. Sending its content moderators to work from home in March amid the pandemic led the company to remove less harmful material from Facebook and Instagram around suicide, self-injury, child nudity and sexual exploitation.

Sending its human reviewers home meant that Facebook relied more on technology, rather than people, to find posts, photos and other content that violates its rules.

“Today’s report shows the impact of COVID-19

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4 Semiconductor Stocks to Buy Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

The global semiconductor industry, which plays a key role in the high-growth technology space, has been relatively less affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

With the reopening of the economy, rebound in smartphone sales in markets like China and people spending more time on mobile phones, the semiconductor industry is expected to benefit in the near term.

According to World Semiconductor Trade Statistics, annual global semiconductor sales are expected to grow 5.9% in 2020 and 6.3% in 2021.

Let’s dig deeper to understand what makes the semiconductor space fundamentally attractive.

What Makes Semiconductor Stocks Promising Bets?

The recent demand trend

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Post-Production Is Thriving Thanks to Technology; Will the Remote Workforce Grow After the Pandemic Subsides?

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Producers at Levity Live consider themselves lucky. The shows they were working on — like Food Network’s “Restaurant: Impossible,” Adult Swim’s “Black Jesus” and HGTV’s “House Hunters” — had all wrapped principal photography by March when the pandemic hit. There was only one problem: Post-production needed to be completed.

But the company was also prepared. In the weeks before the coronavirus forced the closure of many offices throughout the entertainment industry, Levity Live preordered huge hard drives to transfer more than 520TB of footage per day that enabled it to move its 140

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