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Technology Voice: Which Wi-Fi router is best? | Opinion

The IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) has a committee which promotes standards for computer networks called IEEE 802.  Of this group, there are 12 sub-groups which break computer networks into different areas.  One of these is the 802.11 group which manages the standards for the wireless network and Wi-Fi certifications.

As wireless technology changes and improves, the 802.11 group works to develop the standards which allow our Wi-Fi devices to be faster and more reliable.  This can be due to more frequencies being allowed to be used for Wi-Fi, better algorithms for transferring data, more concurrent data streams,

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Opinion | What Raffaela Spone’s arrest, a cheerleading squad and deepfakes reveal about regulating technology

Even so, it’s worth remembering that the saga of Raffaela Spone is more about parenting gone awry than it is about the specific tools she stands accused of using to menace her daughter’s classmates. It’s one thing to regulate technology, and quite another to rein in the creative genius that human beings — and ambitious parents, in particular — bring to being awful to each other.

So-called deepfakes — in this case, photos that police say Spone edited to make it look like members of the traveling cheerleading squad had posed nude or were smoking or drinking — prompt a

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How to pitch and write an opinion piece for MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review is about the biggest discoveries and ideas in emerging technology. We’re keen to hear from people with interesting, provocative, and well-argued opinions on technology and where it’s taking us.

In most cases, opinion pieces should be tied either to a recent news event (and by “recent” we usually mean “in the past day or two”) or to a topic that’s generally important and on the public’s radar. Timeless ideas might get through too, but they’ll need to be pretty original.

There should also be a compelling reason why you are writing it—usually, that you’re an expert in

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