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Miss Going to Concerts? These New Sneakers Turn Music Into a Full-Body Experience

Wearable technology is a growing market, but the most common applications are a smartwatch or FitBit — footwear has not been an obvious choice for this kind of electronic-supported accessory.

However, DropLabs thought shoes were the perfect fit for their mission to connect listeners to the energy of live music — an experience that is truly felt from the ground up.

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The DropLabs team comes from a consumer electronics background, meaning that they were confident they could create the technology needed to capture this sensory experience. But their challenge was to introduce it into a footwear

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MIT researchers translated the coronavirus into music offering a new perspective for studying the virus

Coronavirus proteins.
Coronavirus proteins.

Markus Buehler

  • Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology aren’t only looking at the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, through a microscope, they are hearing it in musical form.

  • Markus Buehler, material scientist and professor of engineering at MIT, described to Business Insider how he and his lab translated the structure of the coronavirus protein into a musical composition.

  • Not only is it a new perspective into observing the virus, but Buehler said future applications of this data could help design antibodies that could counteract human infection with the coronavirus, which causes the respiratory illness COVID-19.

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