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Technology behind COVID-19 vaccine is years in the making

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – One of the doctors who created the technology behind the COVID-19 vaccine hopes anyone refusing to get the shot out of fear it was created too fast will realize that’s simply not true.

News4Jax has had viewers say they will skip the vaccine because it was developed too quickly or they want to wait and see how it goes with the first group of people who get it.

That’s why we tracked down the doctors who created the technology for the vaccine, which was not something they did a few months ago. Actually, it was about two

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Driver-assist car features are making us worse drivers.

“Tesla With Autopilot Hits Cop Car—Driver Admits He Was Watching a Movie.” The headline from August was riveting—and easy for readers to dismiss as something that could never happen to them. While an unfortunate few can turn anything you hand them into an implement of disaster, most of us possess the common sense to not do anything so reckless while driving new automation-equipped cars.

At least, we think we do. But shrug off that headline at your own peril. The way we are designing our new car technology is upending some of our most trusted commonsense understandings—the ones that we

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