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Align Technology Hasn’t Lost Its Smile

For his final “Executive Decision” segment of Mad Money Thursday night, Jim Cramer checked in Joe Hogan, president and CEO of Align Technology (ALGN) , the orthodontics supplier.

ALGN just posted 62% revenue growth with better-than-expected earnings. The shares, however, fell 1.4%, a move Cramer called a mistake.

Hogan said digital orthodontics have been a game changer for the industry. He said nearly 75% of all adults have an alignment issue that could be rectified by Align.

Align has been a life-saver for many dental offices, Hogan noted. As patients dwindled during the pandemic, Align’s products were able to augment

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Lost Money in the Technology Selloff? Here’s What Buffett Mentor Phil Fisher Says to Do.

It has been a brutal month or so for high-flying technology growth stocks that soared during the pandemic of 2020. In a massive market rotation, investors have sold off many high-growth stocks in software, electric vehicles, and other technology IPOs and special-purpose acquisition companies, in favor of more beaten-down sectors of the market like financials and energy stocks.

In particular, ultra-high-growth disruptors, like the kind favored by newly famous investor Cathy Wood have been hit particularly hard; her ARK Innovation ETF (NYSEMKT:ARKK) is down 21.7% just in one month:

XLK 1 Month Total Returns (Daily) Chart

XLK 1 Month Total Returns (Daily) data by YCharts

But if

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