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Google Families website help parents raise kids around technology

Technology is all around us and so are the devices that bring them to our fingertips, from smartphones to computers to the Internet. Many parents treat these as the modern world’s evils but, being a tech company, Google believes these are tools that can also be used for good with the proper guidance. Some parents do think that kids might as well get trained on how to use technology and devices and they can now look to Google’s new Families microsite for advice and tools on how to make tech safe and enjoyable for the whole family.

Google has long

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Can technology make kids more self-sufficient?

Too much screen time has long been one of modern parents’ biggest concerns. But during a pandemic? It’s off the charts. Who among us hasn’t plugged our kids into an endless loop of Frozen II or allowed another 30 minutes of Minecraft — as a last-ditch attempt to get through just one work call uninterrupted? 

One recent survey of more than 3,000 parents found that screen time for their kids increased by 500% during the last few months. And guess what? That’s not necessarily the brain-melting, social-stunting no-no we — not so long ago — thought it would be. 


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Tesla wants to prevent child heatstroke with an in-car radar that alerts drivers who leave their kids behind

If approved, a new in-car sensor could help Tesla cut back on a problem that killed 52 children in 2019. 

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If approved, a new in-car sensor could help Tesla cut back on a problem that killed 52 children in 2019.
  • Tesla filed a petition with the FCC in order to get approval for a motion detector that would detect when kids are left behind in the car.

  • Elon Musk has never been keen on adding sensors to his cars, but seems to be making an exception here. 

  • GM and Nissan also have technology to prevent child deaths in cars. 

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In late July, Tesla filed a petition with the

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Contact tracing apps have been a bust. States bet college kids can change that.

Colleges across the country are testing contact-tracing apps, hoping that tech-savvy students already accustomed to sharing so much of their life online will embrace the digital tool as densely populated campuses try to reopen.

The tracing apps, announced with much fanfare early in the coronavirus pandemic, haven’t yet been in widespread use because of bureaucratic hurdles, early tech hiccups and public apprehension about privacy risks. But the contained environment of college campuses may be the ideal testing ground to boost lagging digital efforts to trace infections, say state officials and public health experts behind this push.

“It’s clear across the

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Will & Jada Pinkett Smith Ran a School That Taught Scientology Methods to Young Kids

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Will and Jada Pinkett Smith may go down as one of the most fascinating Hollywood couples of all time. Just when you think you know everything about them, down to their four-year-old entanglements, you’re hit with another bombshell like this. When the Smiths were running a pre-K to sixth-grade school called New Village Leadership Academy, the curriculum was reportedly based on Scientology teaching methods like study technology, former staff now allege. Many of the teachers themselves were Scientologists, and posters of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard lined the walls, they say. Will and

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