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Here’s What Analysts Think Will Happen Next

It’s been a mediocre week for Seagate Technology plc (NASDAQ:STX) shareholders, with the stock dropping 10% to US$44.31 in the week since its latest full-year results. It was not a great result overall. While revenues of US$11b were in line with analyst predictions, earnings were less than expected, missing statutory estimates by 12% to hit US$3.79 per share. Following the result, the analysts have updated their earnings model, and it would be good to know whether they think there’s been a strong change in the company’s prospects, or if it’s business as usual. So we gathered the latest post-earnings forecasts

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One broadcaster is putting virtual crowds in MLB games powered by the technology behind ‘Fortnite’ — here’s what they look like

MLB virtual fans.
MLB virtual fans.

Silver Spoon

  • Major League Baseball games will have virtual fans this season on Fox Sports. 

  • Silver Spoon studio is providing the virtual crowd, using the same technology behind the game “Fortnite.”

  • Other sports leagues have tried creative ways of making up for empty stadiums.

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The coronavirus has put most public events, including sports and concerts, on hold around the world.

As many countries see declining cases and hospitalizations, public life is slowly starting to reopen. In the US, however, cases continue to rise, with many states seeing record numbers of

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Here’s Why We Think Holders Technology (LON:HDT) Is Well Worth Watching

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Some have more dollars than sense, they say, so even companies that have no revenue, no profit, and a record of falling short, can easily find investors. Unfortunately, high risk investments often have little probability of ever paying off, and many investors pay a price to learn their lesson.

If, on the other hand, you like companies that have revenue, and even earn profits, then you may well be interested in Holders Technology (LON:HDT). While that doesn’t make the

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Outrage over police brutality has finally convinced Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM to rule out selling facial recognition tech to law enforcement. Here’s what’s going on.

Activists have campaigned for years against the police having access to facial recognition software.
Activists have campaigned for years against the police having access to facial recognition software.

Matthew Horwood/Getty Images

  • IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft have all committed to not sell facial recognition to law enforcement at least temporarily.

  • While activists have been campaigning for the companies to do this for years, the Black Lives Matter movement appears to have tipped the scale.

  • As facial recognition becomes more widely used to catch criminals, illegal immigrants, or terrorists, there is mounting concern about how the technology might be abused.

  • Each company has made subtly different promises on their sales bans.

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What is an eSIM? Here’s everything you need to know

The humble SIM card has survived for quite a while, but it now finally looks like it’s on its way out. Why? Well, the eSIM, a much smarter technology, is here to save the day.

Before we dive into what an eSIM is, it might be helpful to understand what a SIM is. A SIM, which stands for “subscriber identity module,” basically contains the information that authenticates your identity to a carrier. In other words, the SIM card is what tells a carrier that you’re you — and without it, carriers wouldn’t know that you’re subscribed to their network, and

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