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India’s tech giants navigate ‘literally spiking’ WFH demand, H1-B fears in coronavirus era

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in drastic and sudden changes in life for the global labor force, but the shift to remote work has come as a surprise to Indian technology firms that help power many large companies in the United States.

Embracing work-from-home caused a sudden spike in demand in some sectors, even as others — like travel and hospitality— were decimated at the onset of the outbreak, according to Dinanath Kholkar, a vice president and global head of analytics and insights at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

“We were at a decent pace, from a demand perspective. But I can

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Tech Giants Increase Green Investments: 4 Stocks in Focus

Climate change has become a pressing concern in recent years as people continue to pay the price for rising carbon footprint that has resulted in adversities like heatwaves, increasing sea levels, forest fires and accelerated natural resource depletion.

Sustainable practices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius by the end of this century are undoubtedly a priority for most industries. The technology sector is helping many companies reduce carbon footprint through meaningful solutions. Players in the technology space are harnessing digital advancements to support climate action goals.

Leading technology companies including Amazon have committed to

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