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Driver-assist car features are making us worse drivers.

“Tesla With Autopilot Hits Cop Car—Driver Admits He Was Watching a Movie.” The headline from August was riveting—and easy for readers to dismiss as something that could never happen to them. While an unfortunate few can turn anything you hand them into an implement of disaster, most of us possess the common sense to not do anything so reckless while driving new automation-equipped cars.

At least, we think we do. But shrug off that headline at your own peril. The way we are designing our new car technology is upending some of our most trusted commonsense understandings—the ones that we

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Intel Xe MAX GPU Announced, Features Deep Link Technology To Simultaneously Use iGPU, dGPU and CPU

Intel has announced some more details about its homegrown Xe MAX dedicated GPU and along with it a brand new platform technology: Intel Deep Link. Deep Link basically allows Intel to utilize the integrated graphics, dedicated graphics, and processor simultaneously for workloads where possible. Xe MAX combined with an iGPU beats out an NVIDIA MX 350 in graphics workloads and decimates the same in AI-related workloads.

Intel Xe MAX with Deep Link: Slightly better than MX350 in games, decimates an RTX 2080 in AI-related workloads using Deep Link

The Intel Iris Xe MAX discrete GPU features the same 96 EUs

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