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Why Technology Strategies Always Fail & How To Make Them Succeed With Incremental Steps & Reaction Management

Companies spend millions trying to forecast an unpredictable future.  But no one knows which technologies will be ready, which will be inadequate, too expensive, over-hyped or even a threat to a company’s survival.  No one knows when market demand will rise or fall or what the next huge market trends will be or when they will occur.  So how can companies develop business models and processes that will work?  They can’t so they should (1) move incrementally and (2) improve their ability to react to unpredictable changing technologies and markets through constant preparation.  Real strategic leverage lies

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Geeks Step Up When Governments Fail

In 2020, we stopped taking technology for granted. It was a year when techies filled in as governments around the world offered little guidance and less support. During lockdown, Apple’s iPhone 12 launch wasn’t nearly as important as a home broadband connection that could withstand the unprecedented domestic traffic spike that came with trying to stay on a work Zoom call while the kids were streaming Netflix and downloading Xbox games. Online shopping became the norm, with automation and artificial intelligence helping ease overburdened supply chains. Elite bakers critiqued our bread-making attempts on Twitter. And TikTok helped families and

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