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MIT Technology Review’s EmTech Digital Conference Has Some Interesting Tidbits

Last week, MIT Technology Review held a conference focused on artificial intelligence (AI). I’ll gripe just once about the poor technology, both in the video conferencing and the conference web site and agenda management. The problems were serious, and I didn’t expect that, but muddling through that mess brought me to some interesting talks. This column will focus on events on the first and third days, as the middle day was more research oriented and real world impact is what interests me.


The keynote had two parts. First, we heard from the ubiquitous

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As technology use grows, so do feelings of ‘digital distrust’

Specifically the concern with technology relates to the concept of ‘digital distrust’. This concept can be interpreted in different ways, and it often includes elements like hesitancy due to a lack of skills as well as a distrust of what types of data are being collected and what happens to this information. While businesses tend to have cybersecurity and the regulations pertaining to privacy in mind, two of the biggest barriers with consumers are fear of technology and privacy concerns.

The survey comes from Hyland relating to the U.S. population. This finds that people in the U.S. are seemingly growing

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Better Buy: Micron Technology vs. Western Digital

Micron Technology (NASDAQ:MU) and Western Digital (NASDAQ:WDC) are both major players in the memory and data storage market. Micron mainly sells DRAM and NAND (flash) memory chips, while WD produces NAND chips, flash-based SSDs (solid-state drives), and traditional platter-based HDDs (hard disk drives).

Both companies struggled with declining memory chip prices throughout 2019, as sluggish shipments to smartphone and PC makers caused a global glut of chips. DRAM and NAND prices gradually stabilized in 2020, but that recovery was throttled by pandemic-related disruptions in the first half of the year.

However, investors have been much more bullish on Micron than

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The Technology 202: Top CEOs want Biden to close digital divide in pandemic response

Technology “became an absolute lifeline” for people to work, go to school or connect with family and friends as they stayed home during the pandemic as long as they had an Internet connection, said Julie Sweet, the CEO of Accenture and chair of the Business Roundtable Technology Committee. 

“On the other hand, it accelerated companies becoming technology businesses, which exacerbates some of the fundamental issues we’ve been facing for years, like a lack of data privacy legislation, a lack of global cooperation and the decrease in federal funding in R&D,” Sweet said in an interview. 

In recommendations released to

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‘Parenting For A Digital Future’ Uncovers What Parents Really Need To Help Children Benefit From Technology

In the reading and research I do about video games, technology and families there are a handful of books that have stood out. Sonia Livingstone and Alicia Blum-Ross’ Parenting for a Digital Future is one of those. It’s a detailed and evidence-based look at how hopes and fears about technology shape children’s lives. And it’s fantastic.

The book draws on research and home visits to combine qualitative and quantitative data. It forms a clear picture of what it’s like to be a parent of children in this technological age. There are some

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