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Six Days in Fallujah: Exclusive Gameplay Reveal Showcases ‘Procedural Architecture’ Technology

IGN can exclusively reveal a seven-minute video showcasing Six Days in Fallujah’s “Procedural Architecture” technology, which aims to deliver a more authentic wartime experience that will re-shape the entire battlefield each time the game is played.This new tech developed by Highwire Games and Victura, which you can see in action in the video below, was inspired by Marines who told the team that “they never knew what was waiting behind the next door.”“Memorizing maps is fake. It’s that simple,” says Sgt. Adam Banotai, who led a squad of Marines block-by-block through Fallujah. “Clearing an unfamiliar building or neighborhood is
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The Technology 202: D.C.’s vaccination portal failed three days in a row. It’s part of a bigger problem.

Others were asked to log in to a nonexistent account, my colleagues reported. And some said they repeatedly were told that the captcha codes they typed in were incorrect, even when they were the same as the digits displayed on the website. 

Lindsey Parker, chief technology officer for the D.C. government, said in a video on Twitter that the city’s portal was unable to handle a surge of more than 36,000 people visiting the portal in a single day trying to obtain one of about 4,300 vaccination slots. She said in a joint statement with Microsoft vice president Paul Mirts

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Planning moves forward for Wisconsin Farm Technology Days 2021

EAU CLAIRE COUNTY, Wis. (WEAU) – Wisconsin Farm Technology Days 2021 is now scheduled for July 20-22, 2021.

Next year’s event will take place at Huntsinger Farms, the largest grower and processor of Horseradish in the United States. Originally scheduled for July 2020, the Eau Claire show moved to 2021 given safety protocols required because of COVID-19.

The Executive Committee and its sub-committees have been meeting virtually since late summer 2020 and are moving forward with extensive planning for a safe and successful show in July 2021. 295 exhibitors from across the Midwest and Canada have already committed to the

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Moderna designed a covid-19 vaccine in just two days thanks to mRNA technology

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As laboratories are working hard to develop a vaccine against COVID-19, it emerged that the American pharmaceutical company Moderna took only two days to design its proposal. The speed of response is a result of the use of new mRNA technology, but how does it work?

What could be the greatest scientific advance of the decade was designed in just 48 hours, according to a New York Times report. Mind you, it took them more than

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Why SolarEdge Technology’s Stock Could Have Dark Days Ahead

The valuations of companies across the solar power industry have soared this year — and with those higher stock prices come higher expectations for growth.

High expectations are exactly why SolarEdge Technology’s (NASDAQ:SEDG) shares got pummeled during the last month. And if it’s starting to lose market share, those shares may continue their slide.

Roof with solar installation on partly cloudy day.

Image source: Getty Images.

What SolarEdge reported in Q3

For starters, we should ground this discussion in some metrics from 2020’s third quarter. Management announced that SolarEdge’s revenue fell by 17.6% to $338.1 million in the quarter, as the number of power optimizer units shipped declined

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