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Manage Third Parties With Cutting-Edge Technology – CFO Journal.

To address weaknesses in global supply chains exposed by the pandemic, a growing number of organizations are exploring technology solutions to improve their approaches to third-party management.

Significant disruption caused by COVID-19 has become a catalyst for many organizations to reconsider several aspects of how they manage third parties that provide goods and services critical to operations. With large multinational organizations often relying on hundreds or thousands of third parties—including fourth, fifth, or sixth parties—the risks of such extended enterprises went on full display when operations and shipments were curtailed amid efforts to protect people from the virus.


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DoD must modernize infrastructure to support cutting-edge technology research

If you’re reading this over the internet, you’re using technology developed by the Department of Defense science and technology enterprise. For decades, the DoD has cultivated a wide-ranging ecosystem of technical professionals, research infrastructure and partnerships that has made vast contributions to U.S. national security and economic strength. From microchips to the GPS satellites that enabled a revolution in precision warfare, the department’s S&T enterprise has been central to creating the security and prosperity our nation enjoys today.

Although technology dominance has long been central to the American way of war, U.S. military superiority is increasingly under threat. American adversaries

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