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Ultraviolet technology being used to kill coronavirus germs in schools

You might call it a coronavirus killer on wheels.

Ultraviolet technology is allowing Mundelein High School to zap the coronavirus with the flip of a switch. The tech is allowing the school to clean classrooms quickly and keep kids on campus.

“It’s 99.9% effective on the coronavirus, MRSA, influenza, things like that,” Mundelein High School

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Will Clean Home Technology Prevail in the Wake of Coronavirus?

It’s probably at least somewhat fair to say that the coronavirus pandemic has turned a lot of us into full-fledged germaphobes — and that includes those of us who weren’t in the habit of cramming bottles of hand sanitizer into our coat pockets and purses every time we’d leave the house. But in our now germ-conscious culture, cleanliness at home has become all the more important. And new technology makes it possible to keep our homes not just clean but sanitized and safer to breathe in, too.

Cleaner air, clearer heads

One company is at the forefront of clean home

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Researchers pin hopes on Nobel Prize-winning CRISPR technology to detect coronavirus

Coronavirus tests performed in labs are the gold standard for accuracy, and antigen tests are a fast and inexpensive alternative.

But backers of a third type of test, developed by a Nobel Prize winner using cutting-edge CRISPR technology, say it has the potential to be all three: rapid, accurate and inexpensive.

Although these gene-editing technology tests are still being developed and won’t be ready in the United States this year as the weather cools and demand surges, research groups recently published papers describing them as an appealing alternative as testing shortages persist amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Dr. Jennifer Doudna, a

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Ultraviolet light sterilizing technology introduced at Phoenix airport to kill coronavirus

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport added seven UV-C light sterilizers to some pre-security escalators to maximize the safety of travelers amid the coronavirus pandemic.

UV-C, or ultraviolet light, is known to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and many other microorganisms, according to Sky Harbor officials.

The light was installed underneath the escalator handrail and is not visible to travelers, according to Gabriel Nevarez, deputy aviation director for Facilities and Services.

“They shine the UV light directly on the handrail as it passes through,” Nevarez said, “As the handrail is moving, it’s a continuous sanitation of the handrail.”

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Three more U.S. states launching coronavirus exposure warning apps

By Paresh Dave

OAKLAND, Calif. (Reuters) – North Dakota, Wyoming and Alabama are the latest U.S. states launching apps to warn users about potential exposure to the novel coronavirus by tracking their encounters, representatives for the states told Reuters on Thursday.

Virginia last week became the first U.S. state to urge residents to download such an app using technology developed by smartphone software giants Apple Inc <AAPL.O> and Alphabet Inc’s <GOOGL.O> Google.

About 316,000 people have downloaded Virginia’s app, COVIDWISE, Jeff Stover, a state health department official, told Reuters during an online event hosted by the Responsible Data Foundation as

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