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Sometime soon, your car will park itself in urban garages

DETROIT (AP) — So after the coronavirus threat has passed, you head downtown for a baseball game.

You get to the parking garage, and using an app on your phone, you link your SUV to the garage’s computers and sensors, and the SUV finds a spot on the fourth floor and parks itself while you catch batting practice.

This isn’t some far-off technology anymore. German auto parts maker Bosch is testing it with Mercedes in Stuttgart. And this week it announced a collaboration with Ford at a garage near downtown Detroit.

Although the backers won’t say when the technology could

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McLaren Considering Selling Its Historic Car Collection

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The toll from the COVID-19 shutdowns continues to climb.

As shutdowns intended to “flatten the curve” of new COVID-19 cases globally continue, the financial toll has been creating many other problems. While not as tragic as family breadwinners losing their only source of income, McLaren Group is eyeing selling off its iconic collection of historic race cars. Naturally, that makes some people sad, those who hate McLaren with a passion joyous, and well-heeled collectors eager.

McLaren Considering Selling Its Historic Car Collection

Losing any of the numerous Formula One cars in the

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