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AMC Technology welcomes Nextrove as a DaVinci Build Partner

Nextrove utilizes DaVinci iPaaS capabilities to power their Progressive Medical Information Contact Center (MICC) solution for Clinical Research Organizations

RICHMOND, Va. (PRWEB) January 19, 2021

AMC Technology, a leading contact center integration provider, is pleased to welcome Nextrove into the DaVinci Partner Program as a Build Partner.

“We’re so excited to have powered Nextrove, LLC Progressive MICC with AMC Technology’s DaVinci platform. The combined capabilities will offer an exceptional experience for users and their clients,” said Anthony Uliano, Founder and CTO of AMC Technology.

DaVinci Build Partners incorporate and extend the DaVinci iPaaS to add contact center channels and integrations

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How the Government plans to build technology champions after Brexit

Silicon Roundabout - Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg
Silicon Roundabout – Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

With just a few months left to agree a new trade relationship, the UK and EU appear no closer to striking a deal than they did at the start of the year. If anything, they may be further away. 

Reports overnight claimed that Number 10 believed the chances of avoiding a no deal to now be somewhere between 30pc and 40pc. 

James Forsyth, the political editor of The Spectator, said, above all else, one issue was proving particularly contentious. It wasn’t fishing rights or EU passporting. Instead, state aid rules had emerged as a

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TSMC to build a $12 billion advanced semiconductor plant in Arizona with U.S. government support – TechCrunch

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., the world’s largest contract semiconductor foundry, said today that it plans to build an advanced chip foundry in Arizona with support from the state and the United States federal government.

The announcement follows a Wall Street Journal report earlier this week that White House officials were in talks with TSMC and Intel to build foundries in the U.S., as part of its effort to reduce reliance on chip factories in Asia. Based in Hsinchu, Taiwan, TSMC provides chip components for many of the world’s largest semiconductor companies and its U.S. clients include Apple and Qualcomm.


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Polestar Will Build Some Sort of Ride-Hailing Robotaxi with Waymo

From Car and Driver

  • Details are noticeably sparse, but the initial announcement says Polestar, the Volvo premium electric brand, will come out with a new EV platform just for ride-hailing vehicles.
  • The automated driving technology is called Waymo Driver, and Waymo has been testing it in vehicles from a number of automakers, including Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan, and Renault.
  • You’ll be shocked to hear this, but Volvo thinks that self-driving vehicles will be safer than today’s human-piloted models.

Add Polestar to the list of companies that think Waymo has what it takes to bring us to an autonomous-vehicle future. Exactly

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