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Bold Prediction: General Motors Is the Next Apple Stock for Investors

Two decades ago, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) was a floundering technology company without much in the way of compelling devices. The iPod wouldn’t be introduced until 2001, and the iPhone that made Apple what it is today was still nearly a decade off. But those products revolutionized technology and our everyday lives. 

Saying that General Motors (NYSE:GM) is the next Apple may sound insane right now given how successful the tech titan’s turnaround was, but I think we’re seeing the early days of a massive transformation of the automaker. It’s disrupting itself in ways that Apple did with the iPod and iPhone

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Apple supplier Lens Technology used forced Uighur laborers

Lens Technology is one of at least five companies connected to Apple’s supply chain that have now been linked to alleged forced labor from the Xinjiang region, according to human rights groups. Lens Technology stands out from other Apple component suppliers because of its high-profile founder and long, well-documented history going back to the early days of the iPhone.

“Our research shows that Apple’s use of forced labor in its supply chain goes far beyond what the company has acknowledged,” said Katie Paul, director of the Tech Transparency Project.

Apple spokesman Josh Rosenstock said the company has confirmed that Lens

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Apple (AAPL) Car May Debut in 2024 With New Battery Technology

Apple AAPL is rumored to boost its driverless car initiative with plans to produce self-driving car technology and introduce the consumer vehicle that could include its own breakthrough battery technology by 2024, per a Reuters report.

Apple’s driverless car or Apple Car initiative, Project Titan, has been a subject of intense speculation since 2014 due to the classified nature of the project.

Reportedly, Apple’s 2024 production strategy includes a new monocell battery design aimed at reducing the cost of batteries and increase the range of the vehicle. This battery, LFP — Lithium Iron Phosphate — is less likely to overheat

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Best true wireless earbuds for 2021: Apple AirPods, Bose QuietComfort Earbuds and more

Looking for the best true wireless earbuds? Your choices don’t stop at Apple’s iconic AirPods, hands-down the best-seller in the category. Several contenders now offer superior performance, audio quality and battery life — not to mention compatibility with technology outside the Apple device ecosystem — making the market for true wireless earbuds truly competitive, with more rivals on the way.

This list focuses on the overall best wireless earbuds. (We also have lists for wireless headphones; the best cheap true wireless earbuds; and the best-sounding true wireless earbuds.) For optimal performance, the best wireless earbuds need

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Forget 5G. This Is the Technology Apple Is Really Betting On With the iPhone 12.

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) hasn’t yet introduced an augmented reality (AR) device or even promised one, as Facebook has, but it recently took steps to build the most advanced AR ecosystem in the world. Lidar technology built into the iPhone 12 will be a critical advance for AR and is a precursor to a long-rumored augmented reality/virtual reality device sometime in the next few years. 

AR has long been a tool for Apple, but the inclusion of lidar in the iPhone 12 Pro along with the iPad Pro is an indication that Apple is taking augmented reality very seriously. Instead of approximating

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