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DevOps and agile for all: technology professionals need to lead the way in the post-Covid era ahead

DevOps and agile methodologies certainly have shifted the priorities and practices of technology teams. Now, as organizations prepare for the post-Covid boom in activity ahead, these efforts will need to be at the forefront of cultural change and engaging customers. DevOps and agile need to break out of the IT department and become everyone’s best practices. The role of IT professionals and managers in the year ahead will be to apply their learnings and educate and demonstrate the power of these philosophies to the rest of the enterprise.


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There’s no question that DevOps and agile are everywhere

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Red Bull secures engine technology ahead of Honda’s departure

Red Bull has confirmed it will continue to use Honda’s engine technology after the Japanese manufacturer withdraws from Formula One next year.

Honda announced its departure in October last year, leaving Red Bull with very few options to power its cars beyond the end of the 2021 season.

Its favoured choice was to reach an agreement with Honda to use its technology in 2022 and beyond, but it required a freeze in engine development as Red Bull does not have a facility capable of developing a power unit.

Last week, an agreement between F1, the FIA and rival teams was

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China might get ahead of even the US in Science and technology; what India must do?

The government must also provide direct R&D grants to companies—along the US, Israeli and Chinese models.

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The government must also provide direct R&D grants to companies—along the US, Israeli and Chinese models.

By Smita Purushottam

China has grown immeasurably powerful over the last two decades, having placed science & technology (S&T) at the core of its developmental and military strategy. China invests 2.2% of its GDP on R&D ($496 billion), dwarfing India’s $50 billion (PPP figures, 2017). It is closing in on the American R&D spend of $549 billion, clocking over 17% in annual growth rates between 2000 and 2017, against the US average of 4.3%.

China’s S&T drive, growth,

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Why SolarEdge Technology’s Stock Could Have Dark Days Ahead

The valuations of companies across the solar power industry have soared this year — and with those higher stock prices come higher expectations for growth.

High expectations are exactly why SolarEdge Technology’s (NASDAQ:SEDG) shares got pummeled during the last month. And if it’s starting to lose market share, those shares may continue their slide.

Roof with solar installation on partly cloudy day.

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What SolarEdge reported in Q3

For starters, we should ground this discussion in some metrics from 2020’s third quarter. Management announced that SolarEdge’s revenue fell by 17.6% to $338.1 million in the quarter, as the number of power optimizer units shipped declined

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What to know in the week ahead

Investors this week will look ahead to a packed calendar of events, including multiple days of congressional testimony for Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell, Tesla’s inaugural battery technology event, and a handful of closely watched corporate earnings results and economic data releases.

Questions around the need for fiscal support amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic will likely be directed to both Powell and Mnuchin. Powell has continuously contended that both fiscal and monetary policy would be needed to ensure a robust economy recovery, while acknowledging that the contents of any further fiscal coronavirus relief legislation fall under Congress’s purview.

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