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Energy Industry Adoption Of AI

The energy sector is a highly technology-driven industry. With needs to handle natural resource data among large pieces of equipment in harsh conditions, the oil and gas industry has long used data methods and various technologies to make processes more efficient. More recently companies in the energy industry have begun to ramp up their adoption of various AI technologies to help in a variety of ways including ways to make our energy consumption more efficient. With the advent of widespread access to big data technologies, low-cost compute resources, and the increasing availability of technology that implement  the seven patterns of

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Accelerating Technology Adoption Is The Key To Solving Climate Change

Background:  The ideas mentioned in this article were significantly sharpened by participation on a panel on sustainability held by Florida Polytechnic University’s Executive Leadership Initiative (ELI). Special thanks to my fellow panelists Sean Kidney (Climatebonds) and Michael Hawes (Fulbright) for a very interesting discussion.

Transportation technology has always been central to the organization of society because of its direct impact on very important daily functions such as education, work, commerce (especially daily necessities such as food), entertainment and medicine. Associated with the technology are the input energy sources and enabling infrastructure

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