Insight Public Sector to Host Forum on Educational Technology for Remote Education

Insight Public Sector’s discussion forum will help educational organizations find solutions for their EdTech and remote education challenges

Tuesday December 15th, Insight Public Sector will host a virtual EdTech Discussion Forum. This roundtable discussion is open to all IT decision makers, end-users, and others interested in the education field who want to learn more about using education technology for distance learning in response to today’s COVID-19 pandemic. The EdTEch Forum will allow educators and administrators to connect with their peers and key EdTech providers in an open discussion about what is working well, where gaps exist, and how EdTech can fill those gaps and provide an enriching educational experience for all students.

Insight Public Sector is hosting the EdTech Forum as a service to the educational community because they know what a challenging year 2020 has been, and that there are many changes still to come in 2021. Insight Public Sector is uniquely positioned to present the EdTech Forum because they work with K-12 and Higher Ed organizations across the United States to meet their IT needs. Insight offers a full spectrum of EdTech products and services, from classroom devices, including tablets and chromebooks, to turnkey mesh networks that allow municipalities to provide WiFi for their community. No other solutions aggregator offers the depth and breadth of products, services, and security for education that Insight Public Sector does.

Technology has been part of the classroom for decades, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced a rapid and dramatic increase in the acquisition and distribution of EdTech devices, software, and network infrastructure to accommodate the requirements of distance learning. Educational organizations across the U.S. scrambled to adjust, hastily expanding their edtech assets and working to get students connected remotely. The rapid requirement for distance learning put a spotlight on EdTech and left many with questions about what the future may hold. Insight Public Sector’s EdTEch Forum provides an opportunity to ask questions, discuss best practices, and find answers.

The EdTEch Forum from Insight Public Sector begins at 1 p.m. ET (10 a.m. PT) on December 15, and will last 90 minutes. The forum will feature a panel of representatives from educational institutions covering K-12 and higher ed, as well as key EdTech providers to answer questions and provide insights about devices, connectivity, security, and more. Find more information and register for the forum at

To further raise awareness of the EdTech forum and the importance of EdTech, Insight Public Sector recently participated in Medaplanet’s cross-platform “Education Technology” campaign, which published on Dec. 11th in USA TODAY and online. View the campaign by visiting

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