How Many Different Types Of Computers Exist?

How Many Different Types Of Computers Exist?

Since computers came into being, it has gone through different types of changes. You can now carry out certain functions from the comfort of your home or offices since it initially experimented as a giant machine. However, they are now mainly distinguished by their sizes and capacity to carry out different tasks.

There are different computer brands, and each has unique features that make them different but perform similar functions. Get to know about Acer as one of the top brands you will find in stores that sell electronics. These brands manufactured all these types of computers to meet the need.

You should note that there are seven types of computers, and we are going to list out their functions to familiarise ourselves with the different types and find the ones suitable for you.

1.  The supercomputer

The supercomputer is a giant computer you can get in the market. They are mighty, consume high energy, and can be used to carry out specific tasks as fast as possible. They are used to carry out complex calculations in sconces and engineering fields. They are very expensive and require advanced knowledge to use.

2.  The mainframe computer

This is smaller than the supercomputer, but the significant difference is that the mainframe computer can run several tasks together effectively than the supercomputer. They process extensive data faster than the typical computer we have in our home.

3.  The server computer

This is a unique type of computer where other computers can log into to seek information and use applications. A server computer is a central unit that is connected to other smaller computers.

4.  The workstation computer

The workstation computers are used for more complex calculations and carry out complex functions. Only one person can use the workstation at a time, and they contain complex processes. These computers are costly.

5.  The personal computer

The personal computer, which is ordinarily denoted as pc, is a less expensive computer type for general use. A personal computer can perform simple tasks and functions, and they can be found in the home or offices.

6.  Microcontroller

The microcontroller is designed to perform specific functions. They store memories that can perform direct and straightforward tasks such as the microcontroller used in vehicles. Being very small, they can fit into small parts of a machine to perform specific functions.

7.  The Smartphone

A smartphone is the most common type of computer being used by millions of people. It is a simple and portable device used for performing several functions. You can find them in a wide range of prices, and they have become the most popular type of computers. You will find different brands of smartphones, and they come readily affordable for users. They can perform almost the same functions as personal computers but are much smaller and mobile.

Nowadays, everyone is familiar with a computer one way or the other. There are various brands that you can patronize, and they come with unique design and usability. Now that you know the different types of computers, you can quickly identify the kind that you will need.