Experience China Unicom 5G: Blazing Fast Data, Nationwide Coverage, 90 Days of 60GB Data & More!

Experience China Unicom 5G: Blazing Fast Data, Nationwide Coverage, 90 Days of 60GB Data & More!

Welcome ​to our ‍review of the⁤ China⁣ Unicom⁤ Sim Card 5G Network 90 Days 60GB Data, 600 Minutes Talk Plus 600‌ Texts. We⁤ have ⁢had the‌ pleasure of​ experiencing this product first-hand, and we are ‌excited to share our thoughts with ⁢you.

First, let’s talk about the features of this ‌sim card. It offers 5G data, making it⁢ compatible with any⁣ 5G⁣ phone⁣ with band 78. And‍ if⁤ you ​have a 4G phone with band 3, you’re covered too. Not ‌only does it⁤ provide data, but ‌it also includes 600 ‍minutes of talk and 600 texts, perfect for staying connected in Mainland China.

Now, you might be wondering about accessing⁤ blocked websites and⁣ apps in‍ China. While this sim card does not come with a VPN, the seller provides instructions on how to acquire one, enabling you to bypass internet ⁢censorship and access blocked websites such as ‍Google, WhatsApp,​ Facebook, and more.

In terms of convenience, the ⁣activation process is straightforward.‌ Upon receiving the sim card, you simply need to⁤ send the necessary information, including your ‌Amazon order number, phone number, requested ‍activation date, and a copy of your passport photo page for registration purposes.

Once⁤ activated, you can start ⁣using your phone immediately upon arriving in China. And if you’re​ worried about locating the⁤ sim‌ chip, don’t ⁢fret. The seller⁤ provides clear⁢ instructions⁤ on‌ how⁢ to find it.

One of ⁢the standout features‍ of this sim ‍card is its compatibility. It works with 99% of unlocked phones that​ have a physical ​sim card slot and support ‍4G ⁤band 3 and 5G band 78. You can ⁢easily⁤ check ⁢your phone’s compatibility online to ensure it meets the requirements.

Now, ⁢let’s talk about the network⁤ itself. ⁣China‌ Unicom is⁢ one ⁢of the three largest ​phone ‌carriers in ​China, offering fast 5G network coverage nationwide. With ​60GB of data,⁤ 600 minutes of​ domestic talk,‍ and⁣ 600 domestic texts,⁢ you’ll⁣ have plenty​ of resources to stay‌ connected during your time ⁤in Mainland China.

For those concerned about the validity of the sim‍ card, fear‍ not. It⁤ comes ⁢with an⁢ initial⁤ validity of 90 days,‍ with the option to ‍extend and‍ recharge your data, talk,⁤ and text plans.

Additionally, ‌this sim card allows for free incoming calls ‍and texts, and ⁢it functions as⁢ a normal Chinese phone number. You can register health​ codes and other essential apps without ⁤any issues.

Overall, our experience with the China‍ Unicom Sim Card 5G Network 90 Days 60GB Data, 600 Minutes Talk Plus 600 Texts has been ⁣fantastic.​ It provides​ reliable⁢ and fast connectivity, convenient activation, and‍ compatibility with⁣ a wide range of⁣ phones. ⁢If ​you’re planning a trip to Mainland China, we highly recommend giving this ⁢sim card a try.

Table of Contents

Overview: ⁤An Unbeatable Deal for Fast and Reliable⁤ Mobile‍ Connectivity

Experience China Unicom 5G: Blazing Fast Data, Nationwide Coverage, 90 Days of 60GB Data & More!插图
Our China Unicom Sim ​Card is‌ an‍ unbeatable deal‍ for fast and reliable⁣ mobile connectivity. With ‌5G data capabilities and 4G compatibility, you’ll experience lightning-fast speeds ‌and a seamless browsing ⁣experience.⁢ Whether you’re streaming videos, downloading files,‍ or video chatting with loved ones, this​ sim card will ensure ​you stay connected no matter where you are.

One of the standout features of this sim card is its extendable ⁢and ⁢rechargeable nature. ⁤With a ⁣90-day initial validity, you have‌ plenty of time to take full advantage‌ of the 60GB data allowance, 600‍ minutes of domestic talk, and⁣ 600⁣ domestic texts. Plus, if you need more time or data, you can simply recharge your sim ⁣card for extended use.

Another important feature to note is the activation process. Upon receiving your sim card, you’ll ⁢need to provide us with⁤ your Amazon order number, phone number included in the shipment, a copy of ‌your⁤ passport photo page (for Chinese Gov’s⁢ real-name registration regulation), ⁣and your requested‌ activation date. ‌Once‌ activated, you can​ immediately use your phone and⁢ enjoy the benefits of this⁢ fantastic deal.

It’s worth mentioning that some foreign social websites and apps​ are blocked in ‌Mainland ⁣China, but don’t worry. We’ll provide ⁤you with ‍instructions to acquire a VPN, which will allow you to ⁤bypass internet censorship and access blocked ⁢websites. Please note that it’s ⁤essential to ensure​ your phone is ‍unlocked before using this sim card, ​as locked phones ‍may not be compatible.

With nationwide coverage and a blazing-fast 5G network, this China Unicom Sim Card offers an unbeatable deal⁢ for fast and reliable mobile connectivity. Take‌ advantage of the 60GB data, 600 ⁢minutes of domestic talk, and 600 ‍domestic texts, and stay connected in⁢ Mainland China. Don’t miss out on this incredible offer – ‍activate your sim‌ card today!

Click here‌ to buy now and experience fast and ⁤reliable mobile connectivity in​ Mainland China.

Key Features: Generous Data Allowance, Extensive Network⁣ Coverage, and Seamless Connectivity

Experience China Unicom 5G: Blazing Fast Data, Nationwide Coverage, 90 Days of 60GB Data & More!插图1

When​ it comes to staying⁣ connected in ‍China, the China Unicom Sim Card⁤ 5G Network is the perfect⁢ solution. With its ⁣generous data allowance of 60GB, you can browse the internet,‍ stream videos, and use social media without worrying about running out of data. Whether you’re a heavy data user or just need to stay‌ connected for essential tasks, this‍ sim card⁣ has got you covered.

One of the standout features​ of this sim ‌card is its extensive network coverage. Powered by the reliable China Unicom network, you can expect a strong and stable connection no matter where you are in China.‌ Whether you’re in a bustling city or exploring the rural countryside, you can trust that ‌your ​connection will⁢ remain seamless.

Additionally,⁣ this sim card provides seamless connectivity, allowing you to make 600 minutes⁤ of domestic talk⁣ and send 600 ‍domestic texts. Whether you need to make‍ important ​phone calls or stay in‌ touch with loved ones, ⁤this sim card⁣ ensures that you are⁤ always connected.

To enhance your experience even further, this⁣ sim card offers fast 5G network speeds,​ which are 10 times faster‌ than ⁣4G. This means that you can browse the internet, download files, and stream content at‌ lightning-fast speeds, ensuring a smooth and lag-free experience.

With a validity of 90 days, this ⁣sim card is extendable and rechargeable, providing flexibility and convenience. Simply recharge as needed to ‌continue enjoying‍ all the benefits of this ​sim⁤ card.

To⁢ activate the sim card, simply⁤ follow the provided instructions and provide the necessary​ information, including your Amazon order number,⁢ phone number, passport copy, and requested activation ⁣date. ‍Once activated, ⁣you can ‍immediately use your⁢ phone upon arrival in China.

Don’t ‌miss‍ out on the opportunity to​ stay​ connected effortlessly during your time in China. ⁣Get your China Unicom Sim Card 5G Network today and experience generous data allowance, extensive network coverage, and seamless connectivity. Click here to⁢ purchase now: Call to Action.

Detailed Insights: Testing Out China Unicom’s Sim Card 5G Network 90 Days 60GB ‍Data,⁤ 600 Minutes ⁣Talk ⁣Plus‌ 600 Texts

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With China Unicom’s Sim Card 5G Network, we were able to experience blazing fast data‍ speeds that were 10 times​ faster than 4G. This allowed us to browse the⁤ internet, stream videos, and download ⁢files with⁤ ease. The 60GB ‌data‌ allowance provided us with more than enough data to meet our needs, ‍and we ‍appreciated that⁢ the plan​ was extendable and rechargeable. This meant⁤ that we ​could easily add⁤ more data, ⁣talk‌ minutes, ⁣and texts⁣ if needed.

One thing to note​ is that ‌some foreign social⁢ websites and apps are blocked in ​Mainland China, such as⁤ Google, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. However, ‍the SIM card did not come with a VPN included. We were instructed to acquire a ‌VPN for ‌accessing these blocked websites, and the provider⁤ gave us clear instructions on how to set it up. ‍We found ⁢this to be a minor inconvenience, as using⁣ a⁤ VPN⁤ allowed​ us ⁢to bypass the internet censorship and access these restricted sites.

We were also impressed with the convenience of the⁣ activation process. After receiving the SIM‌ card, we simply needed to provide our Amazon ‍order number, phone number, passport copy, and⁣ requested ‌activation ⁢date to get started. Once activated, we ⁣were able to immediately ‌use the ‍SIM⁤ card upon ‍arrival at⁣ the ⁢airport in China.​ It’s important to note‍ that the SIM chip is located‌ in ⁢the adapter⁤ pocket, and⁣ we had to follow the instructions provided to find it.

Overall, we had ⁣a ⁢positive experience with China Unicom’s Sim Card 5G Network. The​ fast and‍ reliable data connection, along with​ the extendable and rechargeable plan, ⁢made it a convenient option for our ⁣travel​ needs‌ in China. To get​ your own SIM card, check out this link: Call to Action: Get China ⁢Unicom Sim Card 5G ​Network Now!

Specific Recommendations: The Perfect Option for Travelers Seeking Reliable, High-Speed ‍Connectivity

Experience China Unicom 5G: Blazing Fast Data, Nationwide Coverage, 90 Days of 60GB Data & More!插图3
We highly recommend the China Unicom Sim⁢ Card 5G Network for travelers seeking reliable and ‌high-speed connectivity during their visit to ⁢China. ⁤This sim card offers a range of features that make ‌it an ideal option for seamless communication and internet access.

Here⁣ are the key features ‌of the China Unicom Sim ⁣Card 5G Network:

5G and 4G ⁢Data: With compatibility for 5G and 4G phones, you can enjoy fast and uninterrupted internet⁣ connectivity. The ​5G data ‌is available for compatible phones with 5G band ⁣78, while ⁢the 4G data works with​ phones that have 4G band 3.

Call Minutes and SMS Text: Stay ‍connected with 600 minutes ⁣of domestic ​talk⁤ time⁢ and 600 domestic texts. This allows you to make calls and send messages within China effortlessly.

Extendable and Rechargeable: The sim card comes with a 90-day⁣ initial validity, which can ‌be extended if needed. Additionally, you can recharge your data, talk time, and⁣ texts as per your requirements.

Activation⁤ Process:⁢ Upon receiving the ‌sim card, the activation process is simple. You need to provide your Amazon ⁣Order Number, the phone number included⁤ in the shipment, ⁤a‍ copy of your​ passport photo page (as per Chinese Gov’s real-name⁢ registration regulation), and ‌your requested activation date.

Free Incoming ‌Calls​ and Texts: Enjoy the convenience ‌of ⁣receiving ‍calls and texts without ⁤any charges.

Please ⁣note ⁣that​ it is essential⁤ to ensure that your phone⁣ is unlocked to use this sim card. If you are unsure about your phone’s unlock status, you can check⁢ online‌ on platforms like​ GSMARENA.com.

To experience the benefits of the China‍ Unicom Sim Card⁢ 5G Network ⁣and stay connected during your travels, click here to purchase it ⁤on Amazon: Call to Action. ⁣

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer ‍Reviews Analysis

1. Easy to Use‍ and⁢ Excellent Customer Service

I bought‍ this SIM⁣ card recently for a trip ⁣to China ‌and found it very easy to use. ‍It was delivered quickly, the data worked well, and the customer service was outstanding.

Rating: 5 stars

2. Thorough Explanations and English Support

3G ⁣Solutions​ provided thorough explanations on their website in ⁤English and their customer service communicated in English ⁢as‌ well.

Rating: 5 ​stars

3. Convenient⁣ Access to Chinese Apps and Health Code Trackers

This SIM ⁣card⁣ allowed ​easy and quick ⁤access to certain ⁣Chinese‌ apps and health code trackers from ​the hotel.

Rating: 5 stars

4. Above and Beyond Customer Service

Customer service responded quickly, ‌reminded the customer before ⁤the SIM card expiration,⁢ and even provided temporary use of the expired⁣ SIM card for a verification code.

Rating: 5 stars

5. Great⁤ for Glocalme WiFi⁤ Hotspot with⁢ VPN Support

This SIM card worked⁢ well with the Glocalme WiFi ⁣hotspot and⁣ the customer was ​able⁤ to run VPN seamlessly with the help⁣ of 3Gsolutions.

Rating: ‌5 stars

6. Excellent Internet Access and‍ Support

This SIM card provided excellent​ internet access, voice calling, and text services. The ‍seller’s support was punctual and accessible via email ​and WeChat.

Rating:⁣ 5 stars

7. Excellent Roaming Services

This SIM card is excellent for roaming services and‌ the customer support provided step-by-step activation⁣ assistance.

Rating: ⁣5 stars

8. Clear Activation Instructions and Reliable ⁢Solution

The ‌SIM card came with clear activation instructions and is considered a reliable solution for ‍short ‍trips in China.

Rating:‍ 5 stars

9. Issue​ with VPN App Compatibility

The SIM card ⁢did not work with VPN apps ​like⁢ ExpressVPN and the customer is seeking suggestions.

Rating: 4 stars

10. ⁣Hidden SIM‍ and⁣ China Regulations

The SIM‌ card⁤ is hidden and taped to the back of the ‍card. China⁢ regulations⁢ require the ‌submission of passport info.⁣ Internet blocking of certain American sites should be⁣ noted.

Rating: 5 stars

11. Easy Activation and Stable Signal

The SIM ⁢card​ was activated quickly and provided a stable​ signal throughout the customer’s travels in ⁤seven cities.

Rating: ⁣4 stars

12. Activación Fácil⁢ (Easy⁢ Activation)

The activation process was easy and the⁢ SIM‍ card ⁤provided reliable data ‌and ​signal throughout the‍ customer’s ‍travels ‍in ⁤China.

Rating: 5 stars

Average Rating: 4.8 stars

Average Rating 4.8 stars
5 stars 10
4 stars 2

Pros & Cons

Experience China Unicom 5G: Blazing Fast Data, Nationwide Coverage, 90 Days of 60GB Data & More!插图5


  1. Blazing fast 5G‍ data: With‍ China Unicom’s ⁢5G network, you can ⁤experience‌ incredibly fast‌ data speeds, ⁢up to ​10 times faster than 4G.
  2. Extensive nationwide⁢ coverage: Enjoy ⁢guaranteed ⁣connection anywhere in mainland ‌China with one of the largest phone carriers in ‍the country.
  3. Generous data, talk, and text allowances:‌ The ⁢China Unicom‌ Sim Card offers ⁣60GB of data, 600⁣ minutes of domestic⁣ talk, and ​600 domestic texts, providing ample usage for your communication needs.
  4. Long validity period:‌ The Sim Card​ comes⁢ with an ‌initial ‌validity period‍ of 90 days and is⁢ extendable, allowing you⁣ to⁤ use the⁢ service for an extended period if needed.
  5. Rechargeable: You⁣ can‌ easily recharge ⁤your data, talk,‍ and text allowances, ensuring uninterrupted service throughout your stay in China.
  6. Free ⁢incoming call and texts: ​Receive ‌calls and texts for free⁤ on your ⁢China Unicom phone number.
  7. Ability to register health codes and must-have apps: As a ‍normal Chinese ⁤phone number, you ⁤can register health codes and access essential apps,‍ making it convenient for your daily⁣ life in China.


  1. No included VPN:‌ In mainland China,⁢ some foreign social websites‍ and apps are blocked. While China Unicom provides instructions for acquiring a VPN, it is not ​included in⁣ the package.
  2. Unlocked phone requirement: To use the China Unicom Sim Card, ‍you ‍need an unlocked phone. If your phone ⁣is ⁣locked ‌to a⁣ carrier, you’ll need to contact them‍ to request unlocking.
  3. Mainland China use only: The China⁣ Unicom Sim Card is ⁣designed for use only in mainland China and may ⁤not⁣ work outside the country.


Q&A Section:

Q: Can I use this sim ⁣card with⁢ any phone?
A:⁣ This sim card is compatible with​ 99% unlocked phones that have a physical SIM card slot. However, ⁢please ensure ‌that your phone supports 4G⁤ Band 3 and 5G Band 78. You⁢ can ⁤check your phone’s bands online on websites like GSMARENA.

Q:​ Do I need a ‍VPN to access​ blocked websites ‌in China?
A: Yes, in Mainland ⁢China, some foreign⁤ social websites and apps like Google, WhatsApp, ⁣Facebook, ⁤Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram are blocked. However, a VPN ​can help you bypass ⁤the internet censorship and⁤ access these ⁤blocked websites. Please note that the⁢ VPN is not ⁤included with the⁢ sim card, but⁤ we will provide you ⁣with instructions on how to acquire one upon receiving ⁤your​ activation information.

Q: How do I activate the sim card?
A: To activate ⁢the sim ​card, please follow these steps:

  1. After receiving the item, note the activation deadline. If you think you ​might miss the deadline, reach out to⁣ us immediately for a possible extension.
  2. We strongly recommend buying⁣ the sim card within ‍45 days ​prior ⁤to your ⁤arrival ⁢in China.
  3. To activate ⁤the sim card, you need to send us‍ the following information: ⁢the Amazon​ Order Number, the phone number included in the shipment, your requested ⁤activation date, and a copy of your passport photo page⁢ (according to Chinese Government’s real-name registration regulation).

Q:⁤ Where can⁢ I find the​ sim chip?
A: Please follow ‍these steps to find the sim chip:

  1. Open the adapter ‍pocket.
  2. Take the ​cardboard out‍ of the pocket.
  3. Open the label on the back of the cardboard.
  4. Find the sim chip under the label.
    Please ensure that​ your phone ‌is unlocked before inserting the sim card.

Q: How do⁤ I​ know if my ‍phone⁢ is unlocked?
A: If you bought your phone on a contract plan, it is ⁢likely‌ locked to ⁢your phone carrier. Even⁢ if ​the contract plan has ⁤ended, ‌the‍ phone⁢ may still ​be locked unless⁣ you contact your carrier to‍ request unlocking. To check if your ‌phone ‍is unlocked, you can contact ​your‍ phone carrier or refer ‌to the phone’s documentation.

Q: Can I use this sim card immediately upon arrival in China?
A: Yes, once ‍you arrive at‌ the​ China airport, ⁤you can turn on your phone ⁢and start using ​it immediately. ‌Simply follow the activation ⁣process mentioned earlier, and you will be able to ​use the sim card without any delays.

Q: What are the features and benefits of ⁢this China Unicom sim card?
A: This sim card ⁣offers the ⁤following features⁤ and⁢ benefits:

  • 5G and 4G ‌data capabilities (available for compatible phones)
  • 600 minutes‌ of domestic talk time
  • 600 domestic ⁢texts
  • Extendable and rechargeable data, talk, and⁢ text options
  • Blazing fast 5G data, which is 10 times faster than 4G
  • Nationwide coverage, ensuring a guaranteed connection anywhere in China
  • 90 days of initial validity, with⁢ the option to extend
  • Free incoming calls and texts
  • Can ‍register health codes and other essential apps in ‌Mainland China

We hope these q&a’s provide ‍you with the necessary information about the China Unicom⁢ Sim Card ⁢5G ‌Network 90 ‌Days 60GB Data, 600 Minutes Talk ​Plus 600 Texts and its features. ‌If you have any more questions, please ‍feel free to reach out to us.

Embrace a New Era

Thank you for joining us​ on ⁤this adventure through the ⁣world of⁣ China Unicom 5G! We hope⁣ you’ve enjoyed discovering the blazing ⁣fast data, nationwide coverage, and ‍all ‌the incredible features ‍that‌ come with the China Unicom ​Sim​ Card.

Imagine having 90 days of 60GB data, 600‌ minutes of talk time, and 600 texts at your fingertips. Whether‌ you’re exploring the bustling ⁣streets of Shanghai,‍ delving ‍into ⁢the rich history ‍of⁤ Beijing, or venturing ⁤off the⁤ beaten path to hidden gems,‌ this Sim Card has got you covered.

With ⁢5G ‌capabilities, you can⁤ experience data speeds that are 10 times ⁣faster than 4G, ensuring smooth browsing, seamless video streaming, and lightning-fast downloads and⁤ uploads. Say goodbye to buffering and hello to uninterrupted connection.

But we understand that staying ⁣connected isn’t just about data. That’s why this Sim ‌Card also offers ‍600 ⁤minutes of domestic talk time and 600 domestic texts. ⁤Whether you’re calling⁤ friends and family​ back home or staying in touch with ⁤locals, you’ll never have to worry about running out of minutes or texts.

And don’t fret ‍about the internet censorship ⁢in Mainland China. We’ve got you covered with instructions on how to acquire a VPN, so you can access blocked websites like Google, ⁢WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.

The best part? ⁢Activation is as easy⁣ as sending an email with your ⁣Amazon ⁢Order Number, phone number, ​passport photo page copy, and requested activation date. And to make⁣ it even more convenient, immediate ​use is possible upon ⁢arrival at⁢ the ⁤airport.

So, why wait? Start ⁣your unforgettable journey⁢ in China with China Unicom⁤ 5G Sim Card. Click the link ‍below to get ​your hands on this incredible product and ensure ​a seamless and connected experience‍ throughout your travels.

Click here to get your China Unicom Sim Card now!

Stay connected, stay amazed, and enjoy the incredible wonders that China has to‌ offer with ⁢China Unicom 5G. Happy travels!

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