Deere & Co.: Restructuring will leverage technology, empower employees | Local News

In the past four months, Deere & Company has begun restructuring its business to become leaner, more nimble and more focused on the use of technology in agriculture. It’s just the latest evolution for the Moline-based equipment manufacturer, company officials said.

In a wide-ranging interview, two Deere executives spoke about the restructuring, the continued investments in technology, called precision agriculture, and what it means for Deere employees.

“If you go back 183 years, what you would see is we continue to evolve and acquire the next generation approach, whether that was 100 years ago, acquiring Waterloo Tractor Works, or whether that was 20 years ago with the acquisition of NavCom,” which jump-started Deere’s technological advancements with the use of geospatial positioning (GPS), said Cory Reed, president of Deere’s ag and turf division and large and precision ag.

“You think of 1848 to today, that same core footprint of Deere has gone through multiple generations of technology creating new opportunity for folks all across the board. We’re adding the next generation capabilities into what Deere can offer.”

Reed points to a 24-roll planter. With today’s technology, it can plant 2,000 seeds per second per field.

“To know where every one of (those seeds) is so that we can optimize the growth of that product throughout its life,” Reed said. “That technology is incredible, and I think the exciting part is Deere keeps going to the next level.”

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