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Driver-assist car features are making us worse drivers.

“Tesla With Autopilot Hits Cop Car—Driver Admits He Was Watching a Movie.” The headline from August was riveting—and easy for readers to dismiss as something that could never happen to them. While an unfortunate few can turn anything you hand them into an implement of disaster, most of us possess the common sense to not do anything so reckless while driving new automation-equipped cars.

At least, we think we do. But shrug off that headline at your own peril. The way we are designing our new car technology is upending some of our most trusted commonsense understandings—the ones that we

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Micron Technology Stock Gains After Receiving Big Analyst Upgrades

What happened

Shares of Micron Technology (NASDAQ:MU) headed higher on Tuesday, after receiving not one, not two, but three analyst upgrades before the market opened. Common reasons for the upgrades include an improving semiconductor market and Micron’s inexpensive shares, leading to hiked price targets across the board. Investors love these votes of confidence. Consequently, Micron stock was up 4% as of 1:20 p.m. EST.

So what

According to The Fly, Mitch Steves of RBC Capital maintains the belief that Micron stock can outperform the market and is upping the stock’s price target from $57 per share to $83 per share.

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‘Technology’ Can’t Explain Trump Supporters Storming the Capitol

Only a few hours after Trump supporters stormed the Capitol in an effort to block the certification of election results, commentators online began pinning the blame for Wednesday’s riot on technology and social media platforms. It is hard to square such claims with the Confederate flags that were proudly waved in the Capitol; America has a long history of right-wing mobs and violence, much of it racist. Most of that earlier violence was much more intense, more widely accepted, and, crucially, legally protected. Technology alone cannot explain that, and yet there are stubborn efforts to insist otherwise.

On the day

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Why Technology Strategies Always Fail & How To Make Them Succeed With Incremental Steps & Reaction Management

Companies spend millions trying to forecast an unpredictable future.  But no one knows which technologies will be ready, which will be inadequate, too expensive, over-hyped or even a threat to a company’s survival.  No one knows when market demand will rise or fall or what the next huge market trends will be or when they will occur.  So how can companies develop business models and processes that will work?  They can’t so they should (1) move incrementally and (2) improve their ability to react to unpredictable changing technologies and markets through constant preparation.  Real strategic leverage lies

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Dominion’s CEO says the voting technology company is going to sue Sidney Powell for defamation and is considering a lawsuit against Trump

Sidney Powell
Sidney Powell. Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images
  • Dominion CEO John Poulos told Axios it is preparing an “imminent” defamation lawsuit against Sidney Powell for her false election conspiracy theories about the voting technology company.

  • Poulos also said he is considering whether to sue President Donald Trump for pushing some of the same false theories.

  • Dominion has sent document retention letters to a range of right-wing media organizations and figures for propagating elements of the theories and warned of lawsuits against them.

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Dominion Voting Systems CEO John Poulos said the company is

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