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How criminal investigations have evolved with technology

“It might not be able to stop a crime from taking place, but it does increase the probability that offenders are going to be caught and punished.”

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Technology has changed everything. Crime – and the way police investigate crime – is no exception.

“Digital evidence touches all of our investigations,” Ryan Kennedy, a supervisory special agent with the FBI, said.

During his time with the FBI, Kennedy has observed the growing emphasis on such evidence.

“I think about my own neighborhood and the prevalence of Ring cameras and how many times something as simple as a

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New Year, New Technology Priorities

In February 2021, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (“NIST”), which is a subdivision of the Department of Commerce in the United States Government, announced its nine priorities for the coming year.

While its guidance is voluntary, businesses would be well advised to follow NIST’s lead, as it has become the gold standard for general Privacy and Data Security compliance in the United States.

Whether business leaders want to keep their regulators unconcerned, their clients happy, or their brand strong with regard to Privacy and Data Security, they’ll need to know about NIST’s new focuses.

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4 Technology ETFs That Deliver Consistent Growth

One benefit of technology ETFs and ETFs more broadly is that they make it fairly easy to obtain steady, consistent growth.

If you pick a high-quality ETF that tracks a rapidly expanding sector your investment will indeed almost definitely grow at a fairly reliable pace. That is, as long as it’s in a sector that is not in the midst of a bubble and U.S. equities don’t undergo any big corrections. As a result, it’s not too difficult to find technology ETFs that will deliver consistent growth.

Cybersecurity, cloud computing, and fintech are all delivering consistent, strong growth. Moreover, the

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What is Blockchain? Best Blockchain training course deal (UK deal)

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The Blockchain Certification Advanced Training Bundle is on sale.
The Blockchain Certification Advanced Training Bundle is on sale.

Image: pexels

TL;DR: The Blockchain Certification Advanced Training Bundle is on sale for £20.60 as of Feb. 25, saving you 96% on list price.

If you’ve taken note of any trends in finance, technology, and investing over the past 10 years, you’ve probably noticed the rise of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. 

You may have even heard through the grapevine that

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Spirit Technology hits new highs as Superloop narrows net loss

Spirit Technology, the company formerly known as Spirit Telecom, reported record results for the six months to December 31.

Total revenue for the company was up 253% to AU$44 million compared to the same time last year, while earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortisation (EBITDA) spiked 320% to AU$2.6 million, and net profit shifted from a AU$700,000 loss to a positive AU$500,000.

The company’s revenue number consisted of AU$21 million from recurring revenue and AU$22 million allocated as solution and project revenue. The former was up 246% year-on-year and the latter increased by 132%.

Of its recurring revenue, data

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