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Massive tech show will go on, in virtual format

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‘Stop the Steal’ Organizer in Hiding After Denying Blame for Riot

Two weeks before thousands of Trump rioters breached Congress, “Stop the Steal” organizer Ali Alexander said his group wasn’t violent—“yet.”“One of our organizers in one state said, ‘We’re nice patriots, we don’t throw bricks,’” Alexander told a crowd at a Dec. 19 rally at Arizona’s state capitol. “I leaned over and I said, ‘Not yet. Not yet!’ Haven’t you read about a little tar-and-feathering? Those were second-degree burns!”Alexander, who has described himself as one of the “official originators” of the Jan. 6 rally in Washington, went

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Five Mistakes That Information Technology Leaders Must Avoid In 2021

Chief product officer at AI firm Sidetrade, overseeing product lifecycle. 22+ years’ experience in the software industry.

It’s the job of all business and technology decision-makers to share the vision and IT strategy that supports their organization’s mission, as well as manage a budget that allows those decisions to be fully actionable.

That’s a challenging task at the best of times, but in an economy where the short and long-term effects of the pandemic remain uncertain, it becomes an order of magnitude more difficult. The risk of making unnecessary mistakes is high. The technology industry has been a

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Black-founded Kanarys raises ‘historic’ $3 million in funding for diversity and inclusion technology

Kanarys, a Dallas diversity and inclusion business founded by two Black women, is getting a $3 million boost to ramp up its technology, hiring and sales and marketing efforts.

Cofounders Mandy Price and Star Carter announced the seed funding Wednesday, describing it as a “historic” shift toward more equitable backing of Black-owned startups. The new capital raises Kanarys’ funding to date to $4.6 million.

Price and Carter are among just 25 Black women founders to raise as much as $4.6 million in venture capital and two of only 93 Black women to attract over $1 million in funding, according to

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These Women in Tech are Doing Pathbreaking Work in the AI Space

It has always been a hurdle to include more and more women in tech. The educational reforms and the policy and program objectives put forward by governments encourage the education and training of women at all levels in the fields of science and technology. They provide concrete plans and resources for women entrepreneurs, aiming to reduce the gender gap that exists in a male dominated industry.

Women tech founders are on the rise making extraordinary strides in the Artificial Intelligence industry. They are changemakers working in the science of cognition, machine learning, and leading-edge forms of artificial intelligence as computer

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After a year of Covid, here comes the technology driven boom

What is so astonishing is that he gets away with it. If he were the chief executive of a FTSE 100 company, his penchant for constantly overpromising and under delivering would soon have him out on his ear. The Prime Minister seems to have learnt nothing of the art of expectation management. Yet people want to believe, and they therefore forgive his repeatedly disproved boosterism. The PM’s optimism is infectious; unjustified it may be, but the voters plainly like it.

On the economy, however, he may be proved partially right. Things will bounce back fairly rapidly as soon as social

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