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Carpenter Technology (CRS) Reports Q3 Loss, Shares Down


Ride the Crypto Boom with These 3 Stocks

Some 15% of the American public owns some form of cryptocurrency – and a large part of that group jumped on the bandwagon in the last two years. The digital currencies – Bitcoin is the most famous, but there are scores of others – offer users a distinct set of advantages, based on their blockchain technology. First, the crypto coins are secure – as a digital technology, blockchain is notoriously difficult to break. Second, the coins have the chief attribute of any store of value: scarcity. There is a mathematical limit

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Technology Voice: Which Wi-Fi router is best? | Opinion

The IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) has a committee which promotes standards for computer networks called IEEE 802.  Of this group, there are 12 sub-groups which break computer networks into different areas.  One of these is the 802.11 group which manages the standards for the wireless network and Wi-Fi certifications.

As wireless technology changes and improves, the 802.11 group works to develop the standards which allow our Wi-Fi devices to be faster and more reliable.  This can be due to more frequencies being allowed to be used for Wi-Fi, better algorithms for transferring data, more concurrent data streams,

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‘Music Introduced Me to Being Creative, but Technology Saved My Life’

Derrick Jones, known to the world as D-Nice, started his career as an emcee in the burgeoning hip-hop collective, Boogie Down Productions, which was fronted by Lawrence “Kris” Parker, also known as the legendary KRS-One. As he transitioned to the turntables, D-Nice started gaining notoriety for his parties. Then the pandemic took over the world and opened up an opportunity for the Bronx, NY-born artist, who started Club Quarantine on the Instagram platform.

The talented crowd motivator told AfroTech that “Music introduced me to being creative, but technology saved my life.”

Between the time that his career had him controlling

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UNM researchers create new chip technology to better test for, trace COVID-19

Researchers at UNM have developed new technology they said better tests for COVID-19. It also allows for faster and more accurate tracing of the virus, which they believe will ultimately save lives.A UNM professor who helped develop it said this new chip will help them track and understand the variants in real time and help society make more informed decisions.“A virus out of control like this, it gives it many opportunities to mutate,” said Jeremy Edwards, professor and director of the Computational Genomics and Technology (CGaT) Laboratory at The University of New Mexico.He’s talking about mutations of COVID-19 that could … Read more

Amazon to open hair salon in UK to trial latest technology

Amazon is cutting into the hair styling sector with the opening of its own salon in the UK.

a display in a room: Augmented reality hair consultations and point-and-learn technology will be among the innovations being tested (Amazon/PA)

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Augmented reality hair consultations and point-and-learn technology will be among the innovations being tested (Amazon/PA)

The bricks-and-mortar “experiential” venue is launching in London’s Spitalfields, on Brushfield Street, as a showcase for new products and the latest industry technology.

This includes augmented reality hair consultations to virtually test out a new hair colour, as well as point-and-learn technology where customers can point at a product of interest, and more information about it will appear on a screen.

a woman standing in front of a counter: Amazon Salon (Amazon/PA)


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