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Turning Information Technology Into A Powerful Force For Equality

Lately, it almost seems technology is tearing society apart, while exacerbating the gaps between rich and poor. Tech moguls aside, consider the recent acts of rage by some San Francisco residents against tech commuters. There is also no shortage of fear of technology and automation eliminating jobs, especially for low-skilled or blue-collar workers. Artificial intelligence is tainted by the biases of the white male programmers developing the algorithms.

Yet, all things considered, there are reasons to be optimistic that technology may also be a powerful force for equality. As has been

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Technology Stocks Spotlight: Marvell Rises High

The tech-heavy Nasdaq was up almost 400 points this past week through Thursday’s close, but is down over 120 points in trading Friday as the Treasury yield rises to its highest level in a year. 

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Here is a list of the technology stocks to watch and their performance by percentage change over the past week amid trading Friday, Mar. 12.:

Microsoft | Increased +1.38%

This past Monday, Microsoft  (MSFT) – Get Report was hit by hackers, reportedly from

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Plano-based banking technology firm Alkami files to go public

Fast-growing Plano banking technology firm Alkami filed to go public Wednesday in an initial stock offering that could raise $250 million.

The company is still determining the number of shares it will sell and at what price, according to its filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. IPO analysis firm Renaissance Capital expects Alkami to raise up to $250 million.

The IPO will likely put a $3 billion valuation on Alkami, according to Reuters, which cited people familiar with the deal. The company brought in $112 million in revenue last year, a nearly 150% increase over 2019, according to

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Lost Money in the Technology Selloff? Here’s What Buffett Mentor Phil Fisher Says to Do.

It has been a brutal month or so for high-flying technology growth stocks that soared during the pandemic of 2020. In a massive market rotation, investors have sold off many high-growth stocks in software, electric vehicles, and other technology IPOs and special-purpose acquisition companies, in favor of more beaten-down sectors of the market like financials and energy stocks.

In particular, ultra-high-growth disruptors, like the kind favored by newly famous investor Cathy Wood have been hit particularly hard; her ARK Innovation ETF (NYSEMKT:ARKK) is down 21.7% just in one month:

XLK 1 Month Total Returns (Daily) Chart

XLK 1 Month Total Returns (Daily) data by YCharts

But if

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How can technology close the rural and urban education gap

  • Kellogg School professor Nicola Bianchi says technology can help close the education gap between rural and urban students.
  • A computer-assisted learning program tested in rural China showed students moving away from agriculture jobs to cognitive-skilled jobs.
  • Technology-based education that’s supervised in person is most likely to yield positive results.
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Where a child is born has enormous influence over their educational future.

Even within nations, there tends to be a yawning gap between urban and rural education outcomes. For instance, according to one 2015 standardized assessment, 15-year-olds studying in urban schools in

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