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BBC technology that turns your gadgets into speakers could be used for the Proms, says Radio 3 controller

Revellers wave British flags as they enjoy The Last Night of the Proms - DYLAN MARTINEZ /REUTERS
Revellers wave British flags as they enjoy The Last Night of the Proms – DYLAN MARTINEZ /REUTERS

Picture the scene: you are in your front room listening to the Proms. The string section begins to play from your radio. Seconds later the brass starts playing from your laptop on the sofa across the room, joined by booming drums from your phone in your pocket.

This could be the future of music and drama from the BBC as Radio 3 unveiled its new immersive sound technology called Audio Orchestrator.

First piloted tomorrow with a new radio series, Decameron Nights, the technology

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Pottstown SD, Career And Tech Center Get Education Relief Grants

POTTSTOWN, PA — Pottstown School District and the Western Montgomery Career and Technology Center will receive nearly $200,ooo in state Education Relief grants.

State Rep. Joe Ciresi (D-Montgomery) announced the grants for his district Friday.

Western Montgomery Career and Technology Center received a grant of $72,294 . The money is to assist in the resumption and continuation of operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Continuing of Education Equity Grant (CEEG) of $123,605 was awarded to Pottstown School District.

Based in Royersford, WMCTC is one of many career and technology center in Pennsylvania to receive a share of the approximately $10.5

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Now Could Finally Be the Time for Augmented Reality, As Retailers Look to Optimize E-Commerce

Augmented reality was first imagined as an e-commerce tool years ago, but widespread adoption didn’t catch on — until now. In partnership with Snap Inc. and its Lens Studio, a number of AR companies are scaling their technologies so that brands and consumers can explore products in a 3D way, as they increasingly shop online.

While the technology itself has improved, a main factor in the popularity of AR has been the need for footwear companies to provide a more compelling e-commerce experience. Online shopping had been growing year over year, but the pandemic accelerated this phenomenon while also eliminating

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Skyworks Solutions Has More Gains Ahead

Skyworks Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ:SWKS) is up an impressive 87% since my recommendation last September. The stock held strong even during the market selloff earlier this year as investors continued to appreciate the company’s debt-free business model that enables it to step strongly into the future.

The expected launch of 5G technology, on the other hand, played a massive role in the successful market performance so far. The question asked by many investors is whether to book the handsome profits or to hold on to the stock in anticipation of more capital gains. A careful analysis of the market opportunity and

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Teachers want to improve but training varies

After a rocky transition to distance learning last spring, Georgia teacher Aimee Rodriguez Webb is determined to do better this fall. She bought a dry-erase board and a special camera to display worksheets, and she set up her dining room to broadcast school lessons.

“I’m getting myself geared up for what I feel will prepare me and allow me to teach remotely with more fidelity now that I know what I want it to look like,” Rodriguez Webb said.

She and other teachers from suburban Atlanta’s Cobb County School District recently started three weeks of training as they prepare to

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