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Has IoT Come To Stay In Norway?

Has IoT Come To Stay In Norway?

The Internet of Things is an ecosystem consisting of web-enabled smart devices that use embedded systems, such as processors, sensors, and communication equipment, to capture, transmit and act on data they obtain from their environment.

Why is IoT Important?

The Internet of Things allows people to live and work better and to take full control of their lives.

There are various real-world implementations of the Internet of Things. For example, the likes of smart homes equipped with smart thermostats, smart appliances, and connected heating, lighting, and electronic devices can be remotely controlled via computers and smartphones.

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Is SIM Technology Group Limited’s (HKG:2000) CEO Pay Fair?

Jun Liu became the CEO of SIM Technology Group Limited (HKG:2000) in 2014. This report will, first, examine the CEO compensation levels in comparison to CEO compensation at companies of similar size. After that, we will consider the growth in the business. And finally – as a second measure of performance – we will look at the returns shareholders have received over the last few years. This process should give us an idea about how appropriately the CEO is paid.

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How Does Jun Liu’s Compensation Compare With Similar Sized Companies?

At the

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Technology and Our Kids

With most people plugged in all the time, I often wonder what effect technology is having on our kids. Some say technology is another helpful learning tool that is making our kids smarter and some say it is having no significant effect at all. Still, others propose that technology use is encouraging social isolation, increasing attentional problems, encouraging unhealthy habits, and ultimately changing our culture and the way humans interact. While there isn’t a causal relationship between technology use and human development, I do think some of the correlations are strong enough to encourage you to limit your children’s screen … Read more